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How do I give my Way of the Four Elements Monk a Spell DC

On the spell tab for my character (5E OGL) I cant seem to figure out how to give them a spell save DC, or Spell Attack bonus.  Its blank?

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Brian C.
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Unfortunately, it is not an easy fix, but you could click on the settings cog on the character sheet and switch to a custom class with a Wisdom spell save DC. I haven't yet checked if it is automatically handled by the charactermancer with the PHB compendium. EDIT: Nope, the Charactermancer doesn't handle beyond level 1 yet.
A temporary work around might be, under the character's 'Attributes & Abilities' tab, to manually add these two attributes if they don't already exist, then set the values accordingly; spell_attack_bonus spell_save_dc Spell attack bonus would equal the monk's Wisdom mod + proficiency bonus.  Spell save DC equals 8+Wisdom mod+proficiency bonus.  The downside is that whenever your proficiency bonus or wisdom mod increased/decreased, you'd have to remember to manually change those attributes. 
should this not be considered a Bug report for the sheet... or is it already known 
Scott C.
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Can you not just use the save piece of the attack section?
Am I missing something?  Isn't that part of the class? I thought I was missing some proceedure, but maybe it is a bug.... thanks for all the inputs folks.
Thanks to Stale A., I manually entered the numbers into the correct fields and all my monk abilities calculate properly now. Will have to remember to adjust as needed.