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[LFP] Tails of Equestria (My Little Pony RPG | New Players Welcome)

My name is WalrusInc, one of the artists for ‘Tails of Equestria’, the official My Little Pony Tabletop Storytelling Game (RPG). For the past few months I have been setting up a session of ‘Tail of Equestria’ on, and I am now looking for players to join my game. ‘Tails of Equestria’ is a relatively simple RPG; great as an introduction to this type of game, but can be fun for experienced players as well. The game is very much set in the world of Equestria, so while there will be combat and adventuring, you’ll also be making new friends, competing in contests, and perfecting your special talent. Sessions will most likely take place in the evenings (EST), but there are currently no exact times. Depending on how many people are interested, I may GM multiple groups. Sessions will most likely be text only, but voice is also an option. I would prefer to keep the session as family-friendly as possible, in keeping with the source material.
Haven't played ToE in awhile.  I would like to join, if the time and days are within my openings.  I can start a new character, of course.
Hmm.... I'd prolly need to learn the system, but hey why not?
I might have another person interested, the two of us have been discussing this kind of game for a while.
Ive played Ponyfinder but never this, im interested please pm me more.
if its voice and we could play on weekend evenings then i would be interested, i've wanted to learn this system for a bit of time cause i like the bigger focus on story telling which is a plus for me
If you do weekends, I cannot attend.
If you've received a PM from me, then you can join the session by clicking the link. You can read the rules and create a character there while we wait to figure out the best play time for us.
I would be interested in playing. Im free pretty much any night.
Hey, If you still are accepting people I would definitely want to join. 
If your accepting this sounds interesting
Definitely interested. Though in my case, I'd need at least a rough time/day combination to compare with my work schedule.
Prooobably too late, but I was just thinking that I really wanted to try ToE out. I'd be... a completely and utterly new player, and I've only got a few evenings free a week, but I figure I might as well post something just in case you still need someone in whatever timeslot you've decided on and maybe it'll sync up with what I can play.
I may be interested in playing, too!
Happy to join if spaces are still open of course and it marries up with my work schedule.
I'll put my name out as interested, even if I'm a tad bit late. If spaces are open!
I'd be interested in starting to play! Tails of equestria has always been interesting to me, and i've always wanted to get playing. i'd have to warn you though, i'm brand new to the system