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(LFG) Stargate Sg-1 Game

Hello, I'm a fan of SG1 and SGU, and Atlantis is okay, I was wondering if there are any existing groups looking for a new player, or perhaps anyone interested in starting a group?
I also love stargate, tho I wonder what system would best accomidate 
Yeah, I love the StarGate universe! If I were GMing I would adapt either Mutants and Masterminds 2nd Edition rules (power levels limited by race and tech access), or GURPS 3/ 4. The really good news is that we don't actually need to GM, as I have the Mythic Game Master Emulator pdf. Furthermore, while some shoot-'em-up is a required given, I kind of wanted the team(s) we saw to do some more culture-building or tech-helping. I always thought that there were a lot of story possibilities for that kid who has all of Jack O'Neill's memories...
They have an official book they made.  Its basically a D20 modified version of spycraft.  I have the rulebook in hardback.

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Hello Don, SGU is awesome. I have the same game book. It’s a great resource, even if the system isn’t used. What time zone are you and what is your days of the week availability? /Matt 
I love military sci-fi, but Stargate is hard to find.
I'm in.
I'm in CST, and my best days are Mon/Tue/Thur
I'd join as well, Im EST, my best days are sun, wednesday, thursday
I grew up on SGA and SG1, never ended up watching Universe. Anyway, if there's room, count me in.
Hey, if you guys are looking to do a SG1 or SGA campaign I would love to join if you are still accepting players, I am free monday, wensday and Fridays
well SGA is easily a pathfinder game i have the setting book somewhere and it was d20 based i don't have much time to run a game but i could easily help 

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I like the idea of a 'cut off with no help coming' scenario like from SGU or SGA (at least to start with for the latter) more than the kind of episodic adventure deal SG-1 had going on.
I don't think I have time to run this game but I'd love to play in it, as for what type of game, Im down for either the episodic type sg1 or the cut off like SGA. Though something that intrigues me would be that SG1 had pagan mythology with the goa'uld, and christian mythology with the ancients and Ori. I would love to see how someone would handle stargate's version of the cthulu mythos
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I’m in Pacific time. Unfortunately, my gaming schedule is filled right now, but that may change around September. Spencer. said: The really good news is that we don't actually need to GM, as I have the Mythic Game Master Emulator pdf.  There’s an online Flash-based  Mythic GM Emulator . Also there is  which has a different but similar emulator. /Matt
So who here is interested and can play? Can you give the days/times you can?
Im interested and can play on sundays after 9ish EST, wednesdays after 9:30 EST and thursdays after 10 EST
I'm interested, and free most evenings.

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well pending things i can run a biweekly saturday game. im am EST it would most likely be a cut-off type where all PC's just arrived to find out there is no way back or volunteer to go knowing there was no way back. in terms of system we can work it out as i have said i do have the actual rule book. the only limitations would depend on play system: limited starfinder, Pathfinder or modified dnd for the roll mechanics. we can alway hash that out if need be I could run a Session 0 Saturday July 28th for those interested to come to terms on system and time... Day would be Saturdays bi-weekly starting the 28th im open most of the day if i know i need to be at the PC . if your interested I ask to receive your Discord Via PM Before then and we will arrange a sit down at the virtual table. 

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I'm a Stargate fanatic and been seeking a game for years.  I'm in the U.S. Eastern time zone.  Can I get in on this, please? I have some systems that would work well for this: Covert-Ops, Top Secret New World Order, Genesys by FFG, etc. Genesys would be great for this since it is the same system for FFG's amazing Star Wars games.
for those not in the know or those i have yet to invite or talk to let this serve as a notice bump that i am in the planning stages of a SG game bi weekly on saturdays and plan on having a discord talk with hopeful players in a round table other GMs are free to join as well i would love to work on a shared world experience for all those involved. July 28th is the date of the Round table which also happens to fall on the Game day i am thinking to start the round table at 3pm and go from there. System will most likely be spycraft or pathfinder for the Sheet management with sg1 core rulebook for character creation and other flavor.  The game itself will be hosted on Roll20 no Audio, discord for audio. 
Good luck with this. I must have seen every episode of SGA. My favourit faction was the Genii. I feel that not enough was made out of this interesting faction. They did have a spy on another planet once, but that was about the limit. I think they should have tried to aquire as much ancient tech as the SG crew and gone on to be an uncomfortable frenemy.
those who are do not already know a round table will begin shortly for interested parties please pm me and i will add you to central game  all still in plainning stages with enough players and gms we may have seperate game days.