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[LFP][Star Wars: Saga ed], Dawn of Defiance - Sat, 6 pm PST


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The Campaign Intro The campaign opens some months after the rise of the Empire, with the Clone Wars a very recent and vivid memory for most beings in the galaxy. The Empire has begun tightening its grip on star systems throughout the galaxy, and Darth Vader stands at the newly declared Emperor’s right hand, crushing any opposition and hunting down the last remnants of the Jedi Order. In these short months since the fall of the Republic, many have joined the Empire willingly, including the Core Worlds whose Human nobles stand to benefit a great deal from its tyranny. Similarly, many others have begun rebelling against Imperial oppression, finding themselves driven out of their homes (or worse) and forced to live in a galaxy that tolerates no opposition to the Empire. In this adventure what has brought each hero to an unsuspecting space station orbiting the Core World of Brentaal called Sel Zonn Station. Could be completely different reasons and matters altogether. They might be criminals escaping justice on Brentaal, fugitive Jedi on the run from the Empire, legitimate traders or business people passing through, or nobles who have traveled to Brentaal to investigate their financial interests. the choices are all up to you and the party. Party Members Scout - Zael Jedi - Violet Jedi - Stelin Jedi - Peyton Open Slot
Still got slots open
What version of star wars do you play?

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Can you please elaborate on what you mean? System? Era? Because you will find all that in the link.
I'm getting Page Not Found and I really want to apply! Lol, sounds cool.

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it should be viewable now.
Looking to fill in are last slot please post your idea. I'll try to do my best reply to you as soon as possible.
I posted an app in the link provided... but it looks like I may have been to late.
We now have an open slot in our game.