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[GM Fore Hire] Let me tell your Story


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Greetings Travelers, I’ve been GMing for over 10 years, and my motto is quality of life for player and GM. My games are successfully enjoyed by all players and it is my utmost priority to have something for EVERY player to be part of. That said, what I’m looking for here is way more specifically broad, let me indulge you. I know back in the mind of every player, there is a certain story or setting that you always wished to run, but never manage to either DM or find a DM for it. That’s where I come, challenge me with something unique, different, or common, and I will provide you with a weekly 4 hour+ long session. Fantasy? Sword and Sorcery? Sci-fi? Steampunk? Steamfantasy? Anime? Politics? a bit of everything? Let me know! My prices: Since I do this mostly for my pleasure, my price will be really direct: Monthly price: 1 month of Pro subscription + 12 USD in Marketplace assets, that should be used to our game, at one point or another. That should sum to 22 USD per month for the whole group (divide among yourselves). Game duration: Around 4 hours per session, weekly games. Session length might be extended depending on group hype. My Availability: Every Weekday BUT Monday. From 6 pm EST This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of 1 Roll20 Pro Subscription and $12 in Marketplace assets for a total of $22 monthly fee, divided among the group. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements. Systems of choice: My favorite systems are Dungeon & Dragons/Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, Burning Wheel and Shadow of the Demon Lord However I’m not against learning a new system, that however might delay the start of the game and involve a session 0.5 in addition to session zero. Look forward to hear from you. Link to the game:
Love your offer, hoping to try and round up a couple friends that would be able to play regularly and pitch our group to you. We'd be on West coast time (PST) so probably 10pm starts for you (7pm for us) if we're playing week nights. Likely to only play 3 hour sessions though, and maybe every week but more likely something like every other week. I haven't been into RPGs in a long time, but I've been keen to try out Dungeon World or Call of Cthulhu or even Deadlands (which I have played a bit before). Id have no problem providing or buying rule-books or source materials for you in addition to your monthly fee. Anyway, still kind of a pipe dream to get a great group going at this point, but wanted to see if you think it'd be workable for you if I can pull things together on the group end. - Nick