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[LFG] [PAID][$2 p/p] [D&D 5e] Newbie Tuesdays –Tuesday Nights 7:00PM GMT+8.

Newbie Tuesdays [D&D 5e] –Tuesday Nights 7:00PM GMT+8. [LFG] [PAID][$2 p/p] This game is to serve as a tutorial for new players into D&D5e. My aim here is to create an environment for new players to learn and experience D&D. I will guide each player through the creation of their Character, developing their backstory and understanding the features of your class/race choices. Then as a group delve into an official D&D module while I provide comfortable space for all to engage with the story and each other. This is for those of you who have seen or heard about D&D via friends and media and want to find out what its all about. Game Information. Schedule: Weekly. Tuesday Nights 7:00pm – Late GMT+8 (Perth, WA) Session Length: 2-3 hours (guaranteed minimum of 2 hours, possibly overtime if circumstances permit) Group size: 4-5 players Campaign Setting: Sword Coast/Forgotten Realms (standard 5e setting) Starting Level: 1 Communication: Voice via Discord. Role-play: Strong engagement, developing character backgrounds, social encounters, actual conversation. Rules: I have some homebrew rules around critical hits, injuries, resurrection and society these will be explained at your first session. Modules: I run several official Wizards of the Coast modules as a part of this tutorial game and I will ask the group after the first session (session 0) which one they would like to do. Why Paid  Simply put to cover the cost of my roll20 subscription and any assets I purchase. As this is a tutorial I spend endless hours scouring for information and translating it into rollable tables, macros and handouts to make sure you have an easy and comfortable experience. It also means that people are more invested from the start, making no shows, late comers and game jumpers less likely to happen.  How Much $2 Per Player, Per Session  I don’t ask as much as the other DM’s out there, I believe that because you’re starting out you shouldn’t have to fork out 10s or 50s. No all I ask is $2 per player per session. That’s it just 2 whole dollars.  This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of $2 per player per session via Paypal. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements.  The payment needs to be made prior to the session by at least 1 hour. Session 0 payment required at least 24 hours prior to game time. Group Discounts – For a full pre-made group I will only charge $1 per player per session. Groups of 3 or less I will charge $1.50 per player per session. If you have either an entire group of 4-5 players or small group and want to apply with a joint application please PM me directly. To apply please follow the link below for the official listing. Listing Link
Currently we have 3 players and are looking to fill 2 more spots. Get in quick.