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HELP! My +1 spell attack comes out as a 1d4 DND e5

DND, e5. I have a item for my warlock in a game who gives +1 spell attack and +1 spell dc. The DC looks to be working as it used to. However the +1 spell attack who used to come out as just +1 on the roll now suddenly comes out as a blessing whit a 1d4 roll. I used ages to add this item manually to my character sheet little while back, its a item not existing in the online compendium, but I used the recepie from a existing item who gives spell caster +1 spell attack, and it worked perfectly. Now today however the roll shows a 1d4 beeing rolles as a blessing instead of the normal +1, and its quite anoying as its easier for me and the dm to not constantly say thats a 1 not a (whatever number was rolled). I tested trying to add the item I took the recepie from who also comes out as a 1d4 roll now instead of a plain 1.
Could you take a screenshot of the settings you have on the item? That'd help us see what might be wrong. Also the settings page on your sheet might be useful.
Here is how I customiced the item: And I asume this is the setting?:   I generarly only keep to the 3 main normal pages
I don't see anything unusual from what you are showing. Generally you want to add the extra +1 in your settings page. If you look on the top left there is a line for "Global Magic Attack Modifier". Put a "1" there and that will modify all your spell attacks. If the original attack has an extra 1d4 added, make sure there's nothing but a damage dice in your attack like the image below.
What happens if you toggle the global attack modifier setting? Is it possible that this setting is toggled on the CORE page (after you first enable showing the field within the settings)?
The reason why I added it as a item to begin whit is that adding a global spell attack modefier did nothing

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Ok, couple more things we can check. Can you screenshot an attack like I did above? And if you roll the attack, then click in the chat box and press the up arrow key you should see the attack macro. Could you post that macro to us? It might show us where the 1d4 is coming from. Also if you're willing I'd be happy to hop in to your game and look at it too.
%{-LAByLHR2uk7eGE2OC2W|repeating_attack_-LAE-LXgbSghsxonNLEK_attack} Like this is how it looks: Turning on of the item screen shoot over also removes that extra 1d4 roll so it clearly connected to the item, the time before it came out as clean +1 (nothing fancy), then there was this new update that happen and after that its a 1d4. I am a player of the game, I have no power inv anyone or other stuff except power over my char. The DM is a first time DM and new is to Roll20, so thats not much help :/
  Enable the Show Global Attack Modifier Field setting in the Character Settings. Then go back to the CORE page. Is this box checked under the ATTACKS & SPELLCASTING section?
THANK YOU! Yes there was a 1d4 bless there, but editing that to a 1d1 just fixes the whole problem! 
Great! I'm glad we were able to figure out where that 1d4 was being added. However, if you have the spell attack modifier and spell save DC setting boosted in the Character Settings (or even through an item), it should be adding these automatically to your spellcasting modifiers (to hit and DC) instead of with the +1 to the text output. I would recalculate your spellcasting modifiers manually (8 + proficiency bonus + spellcasting ability modifer) and compare that to what is being displayed without the +1 due to the checkbox above. My suspicion is that this number is already using the item modifier you set up. If it isn't being added, there is a bug in the character sheet because that should be working.
The DC + is added on auto, from 16 up 17 as long as the item is equiped. Hovever the spell attack +1 who used to work shows as 9 on the spell attack sloth in the spell page (up from the chars natual 8 (5 from char and 3 proficency)), still comes out as 8 when I roll a attack. Now at least whit this "blessing" modefier is now adding a +1 one, who brings the number up to 9 + the d20.