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The World Of Resh!!! Listen, Watch and Engage!!

Hello all you've been invited to join in on the adventures Resh. Though we are few we are entertaining or we hope so. Hosted by our DM Podrus we are trying to fuse podcast with twitch stream this will be our third stream with the first two coming to a YouTube channel near you soon n Please join us at we play biweekly and look forward to all joining us live tonight 8:00EST. Finally please feel free to use chat stream to engage with my self and the rest of the party.
Sheet Author
I'm watching this game now and it's great. The group is funny and quite engaging. Thanks for something fun to listen to while I prep my next game!
@Kristy thank you for joining us tonight our next game is on the 25th! Add me on discord Nordon#5014 get you into our discord chat for fans.
Going live again!