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Getting error with new purchase

I purchased a couple of decks off of the marketplace and went to include them in one of my games and I get this error. There was an error when trying to include the addon  Wandering Monster Deck: Dungeon :  no implicit conversion of String into Integer I have added other products before with no issues, not sure what is happening here
CeeJay B.
Roll20 Team
Hi Troy, A few questions, if you don't mind: What is the name of the game you're referring to? What are the names of the addons that you are trying to include in it? Can you reproduce this same behavior in a new game?
The game I'm trying to get it into is D&D chapter 2. The add-ons are wandering monster deck dungeon, and wandering monster deck Underground. I did open a new game and they both opened in there.
CeeJay B.
Roll20 Team
So Troy, I looked into your game and you've got some blank sheets in there that I think are the root of your issue. I'm going to pass this matter onto the Dev team so they can tackle it head on.

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I'm piggy-backing on this issue -- I get the same error when trying to add the Tarokka Deck, Deck of Prophecies, and the 3x Critical Hit/Fail Decks to my game, A Whisper in the Wind.  The game also auto generates blank sheets, five at a time, which reappear even when deleted.  Doesn't happen in any of my other games, just this one. 
Roll20 Team
Hi Victoria, What is the name of the game you are experiencing this issue in?
"A Whisper in the Wind" is the name of the game.
Not sure what was done to the game but it seems to be working fine now, I have the two card sets and they are usable. Thank you so much for your time and for whatever you did.
Roll20 Team
Victoria said: "A Whisper in the Wind" is the name of the game. This should be fixed for you, sorry about the delay!