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Adjusting this attack macro

 {{attack=[[ 1d20cs>@{selected|repeating_weapon_$0_crit-target}+@{selected|attk-melee}+ @{selected|repeating_weapon_$0_enhance} + @{selected|bar2}]] vs AC}} My roll isn't adding any of the @what evers  what am I missing?
Sheet Author
I suggest putting the crit target inside [[ ]], to force roll20 to evaluate that number first.   {{attack=[[ 1d20cs>[[@{selected|repeating_weapon_$0_crit-target}]]+@{selected|attk-melee}+ @{selected|repeating_weapon_$0_enhance} + @{selected|bar2}]] vs AC}} If that doesnt work, check the values of those ratings are correct, and maybe switch the order around so that the numbers are before the die:  {{attack=[[ @{selected|attk-melee}+ @{selected|repeating_weapon_$0_enhance} + @{selected|bar2} +1d20cs>[[@{selected|repeating_weapon_$0_crit-target}]]]] vs AC}}