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Looking for players for D&D 5e


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Looking for a player to join an already running campaign currently with three players level 4 a divine sorcerer, a barbarian and a ranger. We play on Thursday 8 pm GMT+2 (German local time). New and old players welcome working currently with Mines of Phandelever then will be going to be doing homebrew adventure. People will be chosen bases on who answers first and who the current players like the best. I'd like a basic character description as well.  We play in English. If interested add me on Discord Sigma#5708 Our next interview session is on Friday @ 8pm GMT+2 but willing to work with people.
you can ask any questions here as well
how many players are you looking for? just one?
currently one but i might be open to the idea if its a two for one deal and friend would like to join as well
I may be interested. Can I have some more information?
Hey Noah, I´m Michael, a 24 year old student from Germany. After watching DnD games online for quite a while now, I´m really looking forward to actually joining a group and playing myself now. I would say that I have a pretty solid understanding of the rules in theory (worked through the PHB a couple of times and created some characters) but I haven´t been able to actually apply it yet, so I guess I might take a second longer and have to ask one or two questions in the beginning. I think Mines of Phandelever would be a perfect start for that though and would really like to join you guys. If possible, I would like to play either a dwarven fighter (former personal guard who lost everything and is now looking for a reason to keep going) or a paladin (on the run after discovering some secrets in his clan (would share more with GM)). I would also be happy to create a new character with a different background customized for the story. Would love to hear back from you (added you on Discord as banky too) and wish you guys a lot of fun either way!