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"Tips" and ideas on how to manage Text only games

(These ideas have all been deleted in the relevant thread of Text Knights 2, but still want to discuss them, and not sure WHERE they should go) >> With a play by message game, the players are not all in the room with you in real time, so there is a chance of one of the players suddenly disappearing and everyone else waiting around for days or weeks because the next GM post depends on what that player's character does. It's really important to structure the gameplay so that your next GM post never depends on any one player. You can also institute a rule such as "If there is no response for more than 48 hours without advance notice of absence, then the GM will assume that character as an NPC until the player returns." That can discourage potential players from joining, but that's a lot less bad than having your game die because a player suddenly disappeared. > In my Roll20 games, I explain that all characters have been afflicted by the Phase Virus or Phase Curse - - - from time to time, under no-one's control, the character will fade out of existence and then some other time, fade back in. This covers when someone can't make a post deadline, misses a game 'session', is afk, etc. For those that don't like this mechanic (too widespread of a supernatural affliction), another way is that characters often faint and are put into  'Body Bag' (a kind of Bag of Holding for living characters only) by an NPC. When a character wakes up in a Body Bag, the Bag fills up and opens, and s/h/ze may exit the Bag. From then on, s/h/ze has another Body Bag in inventory (this is the way that an extra-dimension creature 'eats' (time) and propagates). An adventure can start with one guy dying (could be NPC), and a bunch of characters show up coming out of that guy's Body Bag. All of the Body Bag's "insides" are connected. No mortal creature can activate a Body Bag and stay awake. >....Characters who are Phased Out or in Body Bags cannot be harmed or affected in any way. If they're wounded going in, they come out as if only 3 seconds have passed. >>"Handling widely divergent personalities in one group. Anything you tell me could help." >Are they courteous? In-game negative consequences for player non-courtesies, including shouting-down and interrupting. Example, three Norse characters come over a pass and see an Ogre pulling the neck-chain of a beautiful English woman, walking in their general direction. GM: Roll Initiative. N1: "Eff that, I charge." GM: "There's an incredibly loud "thumping" sound, Clarence make a new character, Logan and Nils see Thor pulling His hammer back up into the clouds, and a wide red spot where Magne was starting to charge." Ogre: "Ha, ha, haaaaw!" (ever seen the Magnificent 7?) Jimmy: "Ah, my ini..." Logan: Initiative 14. Nils: Initiative 3. Ogre: Initiative 17. Initiative list resets. GM: The Ogre keeps laughing and saying things. Do either of you speak Thurs?" > If he sticks with the game, I guarantee you that around Clarence's 5th character, he will stop interrupting and will pay more attention to his GM. >> "CONTROVERSIAL: whether to permit slow typists to use voice/video with me while I use text only with them." > No. If you are using text only, everyone putting stuff into the game forum should use text-only. For that matter it should be game-related text. Encourage OOC chatting to use PMs to each other. >> "Accommodating the needs of younger players who have special needs from the perspective of a GM, while not shortchanging other players" > Depends on the need. Give their characters more points and flaws that cover the special need. >> "But just telling a kid that they don't fit in a specific group, even privately, could be taken as an ethical breach by that kid, and by any other kid who finds out about it. Any suggestions?" > How is the kid not fitting? If he isn't mature enough, say that the game is moving into an area of the story that requires an 'R' rating (or 'X', or 'XXX', or 'BDSM') and you don't want to upset his parents. Whether the game is moving there or not. >> " The fellow who wanted to do nothing but roleplay and talk to NPCs while the rest of the party wants to dungeon delve" > Steps into a secret door, and then into a solo that fits his play-style completely (if you are interested in running it) or into some other game where the GM likes that kind of thing, or tell him where to buy a copy of the Mythic GM Emulator ($8 PDF) and having him make an interesting solo that adds flavor to the campaign-world. The other players continue without him.  
If you manage a forum and it has old posts that you don't want people to respond to, why not just delete them?
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Sadly, this isn't a Roll20-specific topic which means it is off-topic for our forums. Here are some good places to discuss this topic: /r/rpg /r/gamemasters