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[LFP][D&D 5e] Are you brave enough to venture out Beyond the Wall? DM seeking 1-2 players for long-term homebrew game!

Beyond the Wall Seeking: 1-2 players (newbies welcome!) Day/Time: Wednesdays at 9 pm EST Platform: Roll20 and Discord For over a millennia, the Whitestone Wall, a massive 300-foot insurmountable and impenetrable marble construction, has stood in defense against the outside world. Whether it was crafted by powerful wizards or by the gods themselves we might never know. It has always been there and has held up to the strongest siege weapons and magic that we could throw at it. The pristine marble shield has stood vigil over the peaceful kingdom of Teris, surrounding it on all sides like a comforting embrace and guarding from the countless legends of monsters, demons, and wars of the outside world. No man has ever been able to go through, over, or under the wall or learn what truly lies on the other side.That all changed with the Sunshadow Festival, a celebration of the first solar eclipse in over a thousand years, on the eve of the new year. The skies were set ablaze with a terrifying bright blue fire that raged over the entire kingdom. It was over quickly, but it was enough to disrupt whatever magic that made the wall impenetrable, as it was soon discovered that there was a crack in the wall. Word quickly spread and before long that crack was expanded into a gateway big enough to fit a single person at a time. But none dared to enter. Even the soldiers of the kingdom's small royal army refused their orders, with some even abandoning their posts and risking court-martial. Within days proclamations rang across the land. "Seeking the stout-hearted and strong-bodied to venture where none have gone before". So, do you have what it takes to brave the unknown? Do you crave a life of adventure, danger, and exploration? Will you go beyond the wall? Hello there! I've been working on a very large homebrew world for an absolutely massive sandbox campaign and I'm in need of some more players! The game will be a "hexcrawl" with a heavy focus on exploration and discovery. The world is filled with tens of thousands of hexes filled with interesting encounters, locations, and stories. You'll have to survive in the wilderness, chart the unknown, explore ancient ruins of past civilizations, and uncover the mysteries of this world, all while working towards your own personal goals. I would say that the game is 50/50 with roleplay and combat, but it's really more like 110/110, because not only do I really lean into the roleplay side of things and try to fully immerse the players, but I also make sure that most combat is tactical, interesting, and exciting. It is fairly Critical Role-esque. Some of us attempt to roleplay with voices, but if you're not good at it, don't worry, because none of us are good at it either! I will be adding a LOT of new and custom House Rules to further enhance the immersion and sandbox function of the world. I'll be introducing these new systems slowly, kind of "drip-feeding" them to you, so as not to overwhelm you all at once. Some examples include: Tweaked version of the Darker Dungeons inventory system with containers and slots. Equipment wear-and-tear and repairing. A robust crafting system with tiers, recipes, and rare materials. Custom travel rules. Older edition rules for movement, flanking, and attacks of opportunity. New spells and even new types of magic to discover (some even for non-spellcasting classes). New weapons and special attacks and techniques based on your weapon of choice. A "hero points" system, which is similar to Inspiration but lets you spend points to do specific things. I'm seeking ONE to TWO players to round out the second group that will be playing in this world. We will be playing every Wednesday from 9 pm to ~1 am EST . You can be whatever class you want - most UA is allowed, just check with me first. I typically don't allow homebrew, but if you have a really amazing character idea, I'll consider looking at whatever homebrew you've got to determine if it's balanced or not. Currently, the party consists of a Bard, a Wizard, and a Ranger (though he might go Rogue, either way still using a bow). I strongly encourage you to think of a character first , and class/race/build last. You need a good backstory that motivates you to want to be an explorer! I will also be shaping the world and stories around your characters! Send me a PM if you're interested, with the following information: Name: Age: Tell me a little about yourself: Your D&D Experience (newbies welcome): What aspect of D&D do you enjoy the most? Are you available on Wednesdays at 9 pm EST? Character Name: Character Race: Character Class: Character Backstory: If you don't have a character idea yet, don't worry about it. I'll be busy most of this weekend, so I won't be responding to any applications until Sunday night.

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Name: Age: Tell me a little about yourself: Hi, my name is Tom, I'm a part time worker who runs his own D&D game on saturdays and looking for a group to join as a player Your D&D Experience (newbies welcome): About eight months of experience as a player/DM What aspect of D&D do you enjoy the most?  Honestly... everything, the way combat can flow, the ways things spiral off with roleplaying, I just plain love D&D Are you available on Wednesdays at 9 pm EST? Yes, I am Character Name:  Gorin Shatterstone Character Race: Goliath (If allowed) Character Class: Paladin, Oath of Devotion Character Backstory: Gorin was raised as an Acolyte of the God of Justice (Not sure if you have Homebrew gods or not) and devoted himself to the concepts of defending the innocent from inequality and injustice, when the crack in the wall appeared and call went out for volunteer, Gorin was one of the first to step up as a volunteer, believing that exploring beyond the wall to be his sacred duty to ensure that the innocent behind the walls will continue to be safe from whatever would be beyond the wall Second Character Idea Name:  Elain Character Race:  Human (Base) Character Class: Monk Character Backstory: Elain had been taught from a young age by her father that if one wishes to survive, they must solely rely on their fists, as weapons can break and magic can leave, but your fists and your chi will never leave you. When the call went out for volunteers to go beyond the wall, she answered solely out of curiosity, could she find the challenge to the strength of her fists beyond the wall? Or would they too fall to their strength?
Name: Ryzen Age:28 Tell me a little about yourself: Im just a chill guy that likes RPGs former WoW player looking for more tabletop to fill his addiction lol Your D&D Experience (newbies welcome): 4-5yrs pathfinder/a little over 1yr 5e What aspect of D&D do you enjoy the most? thats hard to say i like all the aspects really now if ur asking what style i prefer roleplay or combat i like a fine balance and so far all the games ive been in have been too leaning towards roleplay and i need some action! Are you available on Wednesdays at 9 pm EST?yea i also am on est so its perfect for me Character Name: Demetri Ahmes Character Race: Human(variant) Character Class: Conquest Paladin/Divine Soul sorcerer Character Backstory:  I'll keep it short. Ahmes was trained from a young age as a paladin while also being taught lessons and the belief of the war god Nuada, he has always been told at a young age that he has the bloodline of the Nuada in him and that he will unite the world under his rule. Now he travels around trying to recruit the strongest people he can find while growing his own strength. His personality is the type that is kind to his friends and ally but merciless to those who does not submit. As his paladin Oath says  Once you have conquered, tolerate no dissent. Your word is law. Those who obey it shall be favored. Those who defy it shall be punished. Note: The backstory doesnt have to be fulfilled and what not its just his background so dont need to worry about even giving me a small arc its really just explaining why he responds how he does.
Name: Erique (Can call me Rick) Age: 27 Tell me a little about yourself: I am a pretty laid back and fun guy. I am a player who fits myself to the group around me. I am usually the jokester, i will make one liners that will either be hilarious or cringey. I like playing dnd especially on roll 20 because i get to met so many amazing people (and of course not so amazing people but all experiences are necessary sometimes.) If there is anything else that you would like to know about me, just ask away. Your D&D Experience (newbies welcome): I've been playing dnd for a few years. I've been in at least 3 different year long campaigns that all unfortunately ended due to life stuff. I have a pretty good grasp of the rules but im no rules lawyer and i am not afraid to ask questions if i don't know. What aspect of D&D do you enjoy the most? As i mentioned before, i love the aspect of meeting people. Like, you don't physically meet most of the time but if the chemistry is good in game, it's almost like you are there with people in person. I also love the idea of creating my own story. Id like to be a writer one day and my favorite stories are the ones i come up with (not in a conceited way, i just know what i like and i know what i would consider a good story.) Are you available on Wednesdays at 9 pm EST? Yes Character Name: Roderick Character Race: Half - Orc Character Class: Fighter/Barb Character Backstory: Roderick has always been a rough, brave, and definitely sometimes stupid lad. He always felt he was to big for the world and was not a fan of walls closing him in. Among his peers he was the best fighter and felt that there was no longer a challenge for him to meet. He's even attempted to escape over Whitestone Wall before but failed to his chagrin. It was on one of the boring days when Roderick was lounging that he heard the cries of the messenger calling for the brave, the stout, and the strong of heart and will to go beyond the now damaged wall. Finally, this was Roderick's time to find the adventure he was looking for and to test the mettle of his bravery. (This isn't his total Backstory but I figured just a snippet would be necessary for Introductory purposes.)

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Name: Terry Age: 40 Tell me a little about yourself: I'm married with two dogs, Labradors.  I love in sunny Arizona and enjoy all things nerdy, from video games to reading fantasy novels to awesome shows such as Game of Thrones and The Expanse. As a player, I enjoy interacting with a friendly and mature group of people. I like characters who all work together towards a common goal. Your D&D Experience (newbies welcome): I've played varies versions of D&D off and on over a couple of decades.  The bulk of my experience is with 5e over the last few years. What aspect of D&D do you enjoy the most? Bringing a character to life and having them interact with a vibrant world.  I love using my character to explore and discover interesting NPCs, locations and stories. Are you available on Wednesdays at 9 pm EST? Absolutely. Character Name: Baden Theron Character Race: Human Character Class: Mystic (if this is too far out of the box, I'm also keen on a druid) Character Backstory: Baden is a Mystic from a distant land that has been wracked by 30 years of mage wars.  The wars were so devastating that even years later the weather is still unpredictable, and even deadly when Mage Storms brew up.  A group of Weather Wardens serves as a means to mitigate some of the severity of the storms.  Baden is an apprentice Weather Warden who washed out and seeks to overcome his deficiencies so that he can become a fully certified Warden.  And where else can this experience be found, except with adventuring!
Name: Ray     Age: 38 Tell me a little about yourself: I live in Oregon and work 6 days a week. My work hours are pretty good so it leaves me with plenty of time to play d&d. Your D&D Experience (newbies welcome): I've been playing d&d for 20+ years. Starting with 2nd edition. I stuck with 2e even after 3 and 3.5 came out. I did dabble with 3 and 3.5 but loved 2e. Never tried 4e and didn't know 5e was a thing until a couple years ago or something. Time sure flies. Loving 5e and even taking a crack at creating my own campaign setting so I understand that tweaks may be necessary. What aspect of D&D do you enjoy the most? Well typically I DM so in that situation its telling a good story. When I'm playing I love developing my character. Especially when I can make my character choices relevant to my character and not just what does the most damage. Although that's fun too lol. I also like to make my characters by letting the dice roll and letting my stats determine what race/class I should play to make those stats work. Makes for some interesting multiclasses too. Are you available on Wednesdays at 9 pm EST? Yes Character Name: TBD Character Race: TBD Character Class: TBD Character Backstory: TBD If you don't have a character idea yet, don't worry about it.
Name: Monta          Age:26 Tell me a little about yourself: Metalhead with discernment. I like to read historical and fantastical books. Wheel of Time, Napoleon, Rift War Saga,Dune, Stormlight Archive, Julius Caesar, Romance of the Three Kingdoms are a few favorites. Your D&D Experience (newbies welcome):GMed off and on for friends for 4 years, played on here a bit. Farthest campaign level was 17 in a Pathfinder Adventure campaign. More hrs played offline then on. What aspect of D&D do you enjoy the most? The Creativity. Of the Party and of the Dungeon Master. Seeing what flaws the players give their characters and how they play to turn that in to something different and awesome. Cool backstories and story arcs. Crazy Villains and Devious Traps. Improvised Plans and Problem Solving. Schemes and such. Oh also magic.  Are you available on Wednesdays at 9 pm EST? yes Character Name: Moryn Finnrail Character Race: Human  Character Class: Sorceror Character Backstory: Charlatan- Moryn Finnrail ; huckster, con-man, swindler; pulled a gull ,as they used to say in his hometown, on the wrong people. He had planned to sell a delapodated block of  homes to 2 different buyers. After a few coats of paint and what looked like improvements and some advertisement of a new owner looking to sell the deals where made. Money changed hands, and all was merry. Until the city council demolished the whole block. See Moryn didn't have the deed to the vacant homes. Just the knowledge the owner had died with no heirs and let it fall in disrupt, ink,paper, and a steady hand. What was most desturbing was that the buyers were the agents of two competing Theives Guilds. And one night chased and cornered by a group of asssains a strange feeling of power and heat bubbled and burst forth stricking down his foes and allowing him to escape. Now on the run , with no were to go but forward, might as well search for fortune  and glory. character appearance and personality: Think Errol Flynn. Pencil thin mustache and all. Will also play this character in Fighter or Bard.    

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Name: Cygnius or Cy, for short  Age: 29 Discord: Cygnius#1738 Tell me a little about yourself: Tinkerer of 5e, like to world build and create npcs with depth. like all things in gaming, art, music. At the moment I'm looking for a Dm to help me test a homebrew monk archetype. Your D&D Experience (newbies welcome): 3 years of dnd and roll 20 exp. I prefer the srd 5e pc sheet. The other pc sheets are not as eye candy and cluttered.   What aspect of D&D do you enjoy the most? depends, really. but I say the players. since its what makes or breaks the game. in terms of combat, explore, RP. I always like the explore aspect over all. Are you available on Wednesdays at 9 pm EST? yep Character Name: tbd Character Race: tbd Character Class: Monk or Ranger Character Backstory: tbd
Name:  Ben Age:  47 Discord:  Zug#2851 Tell me a little about yourself:  I'm a stay-at-home dad to 3 children - 7 year old and two 8 month olds.  Life gets hectic o say the least!  I've been a gamer most of my life.  Played D&D during my early teens, but never anything serious or continuous.  Caught the MMORPG bug when Star Wars Galaxies came out.  Switched to WoW at launch.  Played solidly for a long time.  Added Star Wars: The Old Republic before it went F2P. Got out of online gaming a few years back and am now looking to scratch the RPG itch with some D&D.  Other than gaming, I dabble in web development and iOS development. Your D&D Experience (newbies welcome):  Started playing 5E last summer and fell in love with gaming again.  I've got close to 500 hours played on Roll20. What aspect of D&D do you enjoy the most?  I enjoy the camaraderie the most - guess that would fall under the RP heading.  I enjoy learning about my character, fleshing out his/her story, and seeing where the adventure takes them.  Social, combat, exploration - I love it all! Are you available on Wednesdays at 9 pm EST?  yes I've had an interest in playing a Rogue Scout since its release in XGtE and your home-brewed world seems like a perfect chance to do it. Character Name:  Smoke Character Race:  Tabaxi Character Class:  Rogue (Scout) Character Backstory:  At a very young age, Smoke's clan was wiped out by followers of Zaltec in Maztica.   But Smoke was too young and too under-developed - his pelt and claws were useless to them.  Instead, he was sold off to collectors on the black market. Of course, Smoke has no memory of that.  His earlest memory is being kept as a pet by the collectors who bought him.  They collected the unusual - a tiefling with forked tail, blue skin, and yellow eyes, a small human girl who was a prodigy with the flute, a halfling with the ability to speak telepathically.  Not to mention a wagon full of trinkets, chests, and wondrous items that they would use and trade with others. After a series of events that lead to the collectors killing the young girl, the tiefling manage to break loose from his bonds and kill the Collectors.  Before he left, he freed the rest of the "pets" and disappeared. Abandoned in a far away land, Smoke learned to live in the wild.  He struggled to survive on his own, nature his only teacher.   He wandered far and wide, his curiosity as his guide.  He stumbled across a wood elf village hidden in the forrest.  Still young, they took him in.  They helped him hone his hunting, tracking, and fighting skills.  Born without innate magical skills, he was never able to learn the ways of the wood elf rangers.  But he became just as skilled as his elven teachers with the bow.  They taught him to scout, and he became on of the best the village had. Smoke grew into adulthood as a valued member of his adopted wood elf family.  Eventhough he finally felt like he had a home, he was uneasy.  He felt a calling to head out in search of (DM: here's your hook to bring him into the campaign)
Name: Anthony H Age: 44 Tell me a little about yourself: Live alone, and very flexible availability. Your D&D Experience (newbies welcome): Long time player and DM but new to 5e and Roll20. What aspect of D&D do you enjoy the most? Telling a story together as a group.   Are you available on Wednesdays at 9 pm EST? Yes Character Name: Faydryn Character Race: Open Character Class: Warlock Character Backstory: Open