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Game Summary - 7/22


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Sorry the notes are rough, I'm taking them directly from my games notes and haven't had a chance to clean them up.  I'll try to get to that before Sat, but I wanted to get something posted. 3 weeks had passed since the last adventure. Fred - Ansley (Human Magic User) Rachel - Mauve (Hobbit Thief) William - Roderick (Human Fighting Man) Rich - Dankug (Human Cleric) Rich - Splug (Human Cleric) Rumor - Far to the east (wildlands of Oros) Elven colony of Farsun is said to be looking for any and all Elves that want to come and join. Ansley hired 1 SB (Darkon), 1 archer (Brotak).  Dankug was rejected by 2 female mercenaries. All upon horseback, the party traveled to the ranch (a few miles from the Obelisk) and arranged for the mounts to be taken care of while we investigated the obelisk.  Rancher agreed upon the rate of 1gp per mount per day.  Upon entering the obelisk, the party began by retreading the eastern corridor from the rotating stairwell. Took stairs through secret (now charred room), beyond which was a long corridor that appeared to follow the outer wall of the obelisk, which gradually ascended via short flights of stairs every 50ft or so. First we came to a set of double doors alongside the hallway, and when opened, we found a room filled with a deep crystal clear pool (water? something else?). Rich lost his grip on the ten foot pole he was using to probe the water and it sank to the bottom. At other end of room were doors with Ishpanese Dragons carved upon the door.  Not seeing a clear way to reach the other side of the room, the party decided to continue down the hallway. Further down the hallway, more doors were encountered. Opening one revealed a mirrored room with corridors branching off in seemingly every direction.  Dankug entered with a candle to leave a trail, feeling along the sides of the wall and we tied a rope to him to help him find his way back. Unfortunately, after stepping across a pressure sensitive slab of stone one too many times, he triggered a large 8x8x8 cube of pure silver to drop from the ceiling, killing him instantaneously. We pondered retrieving the massive cube somehow, but the block was pulled back into the ceiling by metallic braided cables. The party pressed on, descending several short flights of stairs, eventually circling back to the main stairwell chamber, where we met Splug (Rich). The group then backtracked along the western corridor and entered the door to the East which had earlier been passed over. Beyond this door was another corridor and a short flight of stairs. At the top of the stairs, retainer Brotak had his foot break through the floor.  When he pulled it out, his foot was stuck in a clay pot, with black ooze.  Several attempts were made to remove the pot, but it never budged. The group wrapped the foot and broke the pot, but the ooze and pot stayed firmly in place, causing Brotak considerable discomfort at having to walk around with shattered pieces of pottery underfoot. The corridor came to an end at a door. Upon entering the room a mouth in the center of the floor appeared started yelling, "They're here, they're here get them."  The party started to retreat, but the corridor behind us was suddenly filled with a squelching scraping noise as a cloud of suspended fog and smaller objects began to approach from the staircase. Terrified, the party re-entered the room and spiked the door shut. Under the ceaseless alarum of the floor mouth, the group spread out and began searching for another way out of the room. One of the walls turned out to be an illusion, leading to a small cramped room with 5 colored gems  (500gp total) laying upon the ground in the pattern of a pentagram. Splug stepped out of the small room to attempt to shut the mouth up with his 10ft pole, when suddenly the two large Black Wolves (2@2+2HD) lept upon them from seemingly out of nowhere from the western wall. Fortunately the party was able to dispatch the wolves easily. The group however, was still trapped in the room.  The gelatinous creature was still behind the door, and the group had some sort of summoning circle behind them.  Mauve, went back into the small room and discovered the west wall was also an illusion. The party then pressed on, down another long corridor. At the end of this winding corridor stood a door. Mauve (the thief), checked the door and noticed wisps of green oily smoke sneaking out from beneath the door.  Deciding to open the door, the group encountered a wall of green fog that poured down into the hallway, covering their feet. The room beyond remained completely full of the roiling green smoke. Splug volunteering, covered his mouth and entered the room.  He moved into the room where he began to gag and choke, taking a small amount of damage. Over the course of several trips, the group discovered that the room within was empty except for three large iron banded chests. No source could be discerned for where the poisonous fog was coming from, but the group was able to rope two of the chests and pull them into the hallway; the third was so heavy that even all of us together were unable to shift the weight. One of the chests was full of magical items, and the other was full of gold. No one was able to see the contents of the third chest; weakened as they were by the fog. Magic items in the chest: Aurelon, the Lawful Empathic Sword INT: 8, EGO: 9; TOTAL: 17 +2 to hit and damage On a natural 20, it drains levels from the enemy. Mark how many times this has occured. The first time it drains 1 level, the second time 2 levels, etc. On the 9th time, it drains 9 levels and then loses the power to drain levels and gains an extraordinary ability. Notes Shifting Walls & Rooms (20' radius) Detects Sloping Passages (20' radius) Until 4th level, the wielder will not be able to contest the will of the sword and will: Not be able to attack lawful creatures. Pass up the opportunity to wield other weapons. Exalt the sword by fighting in-spite of overwhelming odds/danger. Demand an extra full share of the treasure for ornamenting and protecting the sword. If this share is refused by the group, the wielder will spend his entire share on the sword. If the wielder is lawful and works with the sword, the sword stay with the wielder; otherwise the sword will force the wielder to: Give up the sword to the first higher level lawful creature who attempts to take the sword. Attempt to surrender the sword to a lower level creature so that the sword can exercise greater control. A potion of Giant Control  +2 Platemail & +2 Large Shield A potion of Plant Control A +1 neutral sword that perhaps holds greater secrets A potion of Healing A +2 Battle Axe (double headed, of dwarven make) A scroll of Protection from Magic xp = 3750
Thanks for the recap. Didn’t know that my sword had a name already! I’ve never played with a magic sword in control of my decisions, it’ll be a fun new experience!