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Need help with new Vampire V5 Dice mechanic.


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The mechanic calls for D10's of  2 different colored dice sets rolled together vs target 6 or higher for successes.  if two 10's are rolled they count together as 4 successes instead of two ( a critical success). and for each pair of tens after that. single tens are counted as single successes if not a pair of them. also one of the dice sets is the hunger set, you roll a number of other color dice equal to your hunger level replacing normal dice in your dice pool.  example= dice pool of 5 blue dice, hunger level 2, so you would roll 2 red (hunger) dice and 3 blue ( normal). if a critical success is made up of a 10 on a hunger die its called a Messy Critical success and something bad happens along with the success. if no successes are rolled and a hunger die rolls a 1, then a Beastial failure occurs. I know how to roll dice for successes, just can't wrap my head around how to roll 2 different sets at the same time and have the total dice compared for successes and crits. and a possible failure.
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Hi Redfangs , Full automation of the dice mechanics that you have described here is a bit beyond what Roll20's dice engine is currently capable of. In order to achieve full automation, use of a custom API Script would be required. (Access to the API is available in games in which the Creator has an active Pro subscription.) There are quite a few API Scripts that have been written to accomodate special dice-rolling rules, and I know there are users in the API Forum who would be happy to help you adapt one of these scripts (or even write your own) to suit your needs. If acquiring or writing an API Script interests you, I recommend starting a request or help thread in the API Forum , outlining all of the mechanics you want to include within your dice-rolling script. If you ever end up having any trouble getting started with writing a dice-rolling script, I recommend taking a look at some of the dice-rolling scripts in the API Repository and choosing one that appears to incorporate any of the mechanics that you would like for your own script. Good luck!
V5 is still pretty new, I say give it some time and some amazing scripter will make a API Script just for the game. I am willing to bet someone is working on it as we type these.

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I wrote a basic macro and a not so basic macro to get by if anyone needs it. does not auto crit or fail, have to mouse over the result. but it does separate the regular dice from the hunger dice. The first asks for a total amount of dice then your hunger level.  it separates the hunger amount from the pool and rolls both sets separately. In the result, the first roll is the normal dice and the second is the hunger dice.  the result is total successes.  &{template:wod} {{roll_name=(?{Test})}} {{result=[[{((?{Number of Dice}-?{Hunger})d10>6),?{Hunger}d10>6}]]}}  The second asks name of the character, name of test, ability, ability score(minimum of 1), skill, skill score(min of 0), Hunger level(positive number minimum of 0), Modifier( positive or negative minimum of 0).  it adds the ability to the skill, adds or subtracts the modifier, separates out the hunger dice. then rolls each pool separately. the result shows the total success. mouse over to see first set as normal dice second as hunger dice. &{template:wod} {{name=?{Name}}} {{roll_name=?{Test}}} {{attr=?{Ability}}} {{attr_num=?{AbilityScore|1}}} {{skill=?{Skill}}} {{skill_num=?{SkillScore|0}}} {{pwr=Hunger}} {{pwr_num=?{Hunger|0}}} {{mod_num=?{Modifiers|0}}} {{result=[[{((?{AbilityScore|1}+?{SkillScore|0})+(?{Modifiers|0})-(?{Hunger|0}))d10>6,?{Hunger|0}d10>6}]]}} Both use the default WOD roll template.  any choice can left blank and it still works. if you just hit enter to all queries it rolls 1d10 vs target 6 for a basic check or rouse check. thanks.
Another thing to think of with the hunger dice and the book is not clear on is if you have two 10s on normal dice and one 10 on a hunger dice does the 10 from the hunger dice have to be paired with a normal 10s or can I pair my normal 10s first before the hunger dice and thus avoid a messy critical.

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True. I just assumed you had to start with hunger dice first when pairing.  I'll have to look into that.  It does say to use willpower a lot to avoid such messes.  So maybe your right.  Edit.  On further examination it says on a critical win (not critical success) where a 10 shows up on the hunger die is a messy critical.  So by the rules even if you paired the two tens on the regular dice, since a 10 also appeared on a hunger die it would be messy.  And you can only reroll the regular dice with willpower In hopes of getting rid of the critical all together. Good question.
Ah good point did not catch that. 

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What I used when I ran the alpha scenario was a simple rule: if your Hunger is X, then the first X dice of your roll are your Hunger dice. Not the best UI obviously but it took 5 seconds to think of it and solve the problem. Shameless promotion time: if you guys are gonna run a V5 game, there's a player right here.
Andreas J.
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There is a character sheet in the works , if you figure out some non-API stuff for the roll they might be useful on the sheet too.
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Red fangs, thats kind of what I've done....just separated the regular dice out with the hunger dice when there are hunger dice. What would be useful is if you could set a maximum number of dice rolled based on the combination of attributes and skills in the selection. (I'm the one working on the sheet Andreas linked) The basic idea is that if the hunger is over the dicepool you'll have to mouse over and take the first results up to the total in the pool.

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Obi  I have kinda worked it out.   &{template:wod} {{name=?{Name}}} {{roll_name=?{Test}}} {{attr=?{Ability}}} {{attr_num=?{AbilityScore|1}}} {{skill=?{Skill}}} {{skill_num=?{SkillScore|0}}} {{pwr=Hunger}} {{pwr_num=?{Hunger|0}}} {{mod_num=?{Modifiers|0}}} {{result=[[{((?{AbilityScore|1}+?{SkillScore|0})+(?{Modifiers|0})-(?{Hunger|0}))d10>6,[[{{[[?{AbilityScore|1}+?{SkillScore|0}+(?{Modifiers|0})+1]],0}>[[?{Hunger|0}+1]]}*([[?{Hunger|0}]]-[[?{AbilityScore|1}+?{SkillScore|0}+(?{Modifiers|0})]])+[[?{AbilityScore|1}+?{SkillScore|0}+(?{Modifiers|0})]]]]d10>6}]]}} It is prolly a lot bloated but it works. 
Here is one that asks for specialty on the skill and adds a die if yes. &{template:wod} {{name=?{Name}}} {{roll_name=?{Test}}} {{attr=?{Ability}}} {{attr_num=?{AbilityScore|1}}} {{skill=?{Skill}}} {{skill_num=?{SkillScore|0}}} ?{Specialty?|No,0|Yes,1} {{pwr=Hunger}} {{pwr_num=?{Hunger|0}}} {{mod_num=?{Modifiers|0}}} {{result=[[{((?{AbilityScore|1}+?{SkillScore|0}+?{Specialty?|No,0|Yes,1})+(?{Modifiers|0})-(?{Hunger|0}))d10>6,[[{{[[?{AbilityScore|1}+?{SkillScore|0}+?{Specialty?|No,0|Yes,1}+(?{Modifiers|0})+1]],0}>[[?{Hunger|0}+1]]}*([[?{Hunger|0}]]-[[?{AbilityScore|1}+?{SkillScore|0}+?{Specialty?|No,0|Yes,1}+(?{Modifiers|0})]])+[[?{AbilityScore|1}+?{SkillScore|0}+?{Specialty?|No,0|Yes,1}+(?{Modifiers|0})]]]]d10>6}]]}}
Andreas J.
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Redfangs  said: I put the sheet in custom and tried it out.  if you don't put a number in for modifier it messes up and does not roll the right amount of dice. might make 0 the default maybe I don't know what Redfangs is referring to here.