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Will we be getting art assets for other WotC content like PHB?

When I purchased the Players Handbook, it unlocked loads of character tokens and handouts, even for some NPCs. Will be seeing a similar treatment for the other WotC content like the Monster Manual (which I own) and others? This content was a pleasant surprise.
Roll20 Team
Thanks for the compliment, Jeremy. Glad you liked it! We liked it too! While we don't know specifics at this time, I'm also interested in being able to include nice alt uses of content where available in future product.
It'd definitely be nice to have easier access to the tokens from Monster Manual for uses other than the base level mob, without having to pull it in as a monster token and then strip out the character links. Like if the basic token images could also turn up in the marketplace assets library like PHB tokens do that'd be real dope and save a bit of setup time.