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Disappointment in the Official Pathfinder Playtest Sheet


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So I can't imagine how difficult it is to code a character sheet and do the graphic design. I have a vague idea but needless to say it is difficult. That said I can't help but feel a little disappointed at the design and implementation of the Pathfinder Playtest Official Sheet. You look at other official Roll20 sheets and the design is nicely implemented, smooth. The Playtest sheet is kind of ugly. You can see fraying pixels in the Roll Template. The roll isn't aligned well at all, its kind of hard to read and the font choice while almost certainly not Comic Sans kind of looks like Comic Sans. I didn't feel like it was appropriate to post this in the bug thread because the Devs are hard at work getting the sheet to be functional (because it has some terrible issues at the moment, which is to be expected). I'm just disappointed in the design. Its kind of ugly. I know my group is going to stick to using our custom made Spreadsheets for online gaming or PDF copies of the official Paizo sheet. Its disappointing because if you look at the 13th Age sheet or the Official 5e sheet, they're really pretty and superior to using a PDF copy or a spreadsheet.   Edit: And look at this! They're so bunched up. The L and the Us touch each other. It looks like a horrific Scantron test or something.

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Scott C.
Roll20 Production Team
Thank you for the constructive criticism Drew. I am focused on fixing function bugs at the moment, but I'm always looking for ways to improve the implementation of a sheet. Can you expand on your issue with the proficiency markers? You mention that they touch each other, although I don't see that in the screen cap that you posted (I do see that some of them do not have fully filled circles - added to my list of known bugs). Again, thank you for the feedback, and for keeping it constructive. - Scott
Thank you for the response. I know how much hard work you must be putting into coding the sheet, I didn't expect to get the attention of one of the Devs with my post! :) In the screenshot of the Proficiency markers you will note that there is no space between Unarmored and for example Light Armor. The circles just fill in one after another. The Legendary Proficiency for Unarmored is sitting right next to the Untrained for Light Armor. See:  Overall most of my (and my friends) complaints stem from the graphic design of the sheet which isn't really something that can be easily fixed. It just is something I know my friends and I were disappointed about. If we look at a small screenshot of the actual sheet for example the font choice is not as comic sansy. See:  In addition on the current Playtest sheet a lot of the elements don't seem to have much styling. The text alignment seems off but that could just be the font choice. Some other issues in the graphic design for me personally is the use of vanilla non-styled buttons and text boxes. For AC:  For Skills:  And then its also a completely different style for the same feature from up above. The section where you check Proficiency for Weapon and Armor looks different from checking proficiency for skills. That is the crux of my issues with the sheet. Its no doubt unreasonable to expect a sheet that is as pretty as sheets that no doubt had more time for development and more money thrown at them, like the 5e sheet. But it definitely doesn't seem up to snuff for the rest of the Official Roll20 sheets. To me anyway. Keep up the great work. Love the site and appreciate the interest in my nit picking. 
Can't speak for Scott but the lower quality graphic images can be a speed thing.....might load faster for players especially if they are on slow internet connections and older computer. There are a number of way to reduce the file size of an image and most reduce the quality in some way.....bit of a trade off. Just guess on my part based on work I've done in the past.
Phillip G.
Sheet Author
Can't say how long the sheet has been in the works, but the official Pathfinder sheet drew very heavily on a community sheet that had multiple years of development. Just my two cents. Overall, I think the sheet is a good showing for what I think is less than a few months of work.
I mean.. it is playtest right?
Also its strange how there's no space to insert armor, or other equipment other than weapons.
Roll20 Team
Scott's a champ and working on functionality upgrades and fixes on the Playtest sheet - so expect more updates on that. The sheet is in incredible hands with him at the helm. There is an element here that we do ask players to understand - this is a playtest on all accounts. We're coding in rules as we get them, which makes this sheet more of a living document than a final shiny product. My goal in greenlighting the playtest is to create and maintain a sheet that is functional enough to test and provide feedback to Paizo without major frustrations or annoying hiccups along the way. There is, however, a limit to how deep I'm able to dive into each feature and element, since any of them can change at any time. Having Scott spend a month on a feature that could be nixed in the next go around is something we're trying to avoid. Please keep leaving feedback and being a part of the living document of the playtest :)
To be fair, the playtest rules WERE published in hardback form also, so how much are the rules actually living in the groups who have started their games? Is it too much of a stretch to concentrate on the rules as they were published, and get the functionality of the sheet to work with them, rather than expect maximum flexibility for rules changes from the sheet? As it is, I hear groans of frustration from my players as stuff they put in the sheet keeps disappearing.. But anyway, keep up the good work and keep the updates coming.
Andreas J.
Sheet Author
Phillip G. said: Can't say how long the sheet has been in the works... The playtest logo was accidentally uploaded in a Starfinder update 18 days ago, so at least two weeks probably. A first update to the Playtest sheet seems to be pending approval, seems to including many fixes.
Roll20 Team
Jami K. said: Is it too much of a stretch to concentrate on the rules as they were published, and get the functionality of the sheet to work with them, rather than expect maximum flexibility for rules changes from the sheet? That's the first priority, within reason, and most of those will be fixed very soon :)