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Call Query Roll selection label for use elsewhere in macro

Hi folks, I am building a Query Roll Macro for Ability Checks. Currently it looks something like this: @{selected|wtype} &{template:simple} {{mod=?{Ability|STR, [[@{selected|strength_mod} ]] (STR)  | DEX,[[@{selected|dexterity_mod}]](DEX)  } }} {{r1=[[@{selected|d20}+[[?{Ability}]] ]]}} @{selected|rtype}+[[?{Ability}]] ]]}} {{rname=Ability Check}} @{selected|charname_output} I'm wondering if it's possible to call the selected option's label for use in the chat card name? So for example if you choose STR, it would say STR Check?
I just realised a better way to do this is with command buttons: @{selected|wtype}&{template:default}{{name=Ability Check}}{{[Strength](~selected|strength)}}{{[Dex](~selected|dexterity)}} Well at least I can go to bed content now...