Hey, I'm looking to play in a campaign of DnD 5th edition, hopefully at least 3 times a month, on weekends. I've played quite a lot of table top RPGs on and off, but it's been a while now, and especially since I got into something longer, which is what I prefer. I’m fairly familiar with DnD 5e as a system despite not having actually played it a lot, mostly from watching a lot of Critical Role and Rollplay. Since I am less experienced with actual play, I’d love to play a character from level 1-3 or so. Other systems I’m less familiar with or fond of, and (with an exception for Call of Cthulu) I do prefer a fantasy setting. I love the story-telling aspect of TTRPGs, weaving a story together through backstory explory, interactions and bouncing a plot between players in the party, NPCs and different circumstances. I enjoy rolling dice for combat and danger too, to see what they have to say about the story. I don’t mind difficult fights forcing hard decisions such as fleeing or losing characters etc. In real life I’m a nerdy human male, 34 years of age based in Sweden (CEST / GMT+1). If your campaign is a good fit for me I could probably make a lot of times work, at least on the saturday, but if your group is based around the western or central parts of North America, maybe it’s easier for me to make it to late nights (for you) rather than early ones. I don’t have a web cam but I have a pretty good familiarity with roll20. I love playing characters of all kinds, genders and varieties, and love to play with players of all kinds too. As of late, I've been kind of day dreaming up a backstory for an elven rogue I wouldn't mind putting into play. I’m punctual and if I commit to playing with your group I’ll be ready to go when I’m supposed to. If something I can’t prioritize away should happen to come up I’m also capable of warning fellow players ahead of time if I can’t make it to a session. Alright I hope a kind DM (of any experience level) will see this and take pity on a lonely player. Hopefully we’ll talk more through messages or however this works.