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Deadlands Classic/20th Anniversary Sheets


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First, let me start by saying Thank You for having these sheets on the table.  I am starting a Deadlands Classic AP soon, using roll20.. and these sheets are awesome, and should make playing the game online much more convenient...  but there are a few issues I've come across, and features I would like to suggest/request. Problems first... By tab Core Tab 1) The selectable numbers to display Wind and Fate Chips are a little hard to read on some systems.  A bubble display with the numbers over it (like the ammo counters in "obsolete data" would make them easier to see I think.  Or, the numbers could just be a little larger perhaps.  2) Also, I know it may be rare to happen, but sometimes a player is lucky enough to have more than 7 Reds, 4 Blues, or 2 Legend chips.  As the maximum number of chips a player can have by RAW is 10 (20th Anniversary, P146), and the pot has 10 or more red and blue chips 10 should be the cap for Reds and Blues, Legends might be safe at 3-4 3) The Common Rolls, Guts + Grit has an extra + in the macro, so the result is returned as 0 regardless of actual roll Combat Stuff 1) Wind Counter, like Fate Chips selector, is a little hard to read.  It might help if the numbers were a little larger, or if the selected number was Bold  instead of made white in appearance.  Or, a bubble system like the obsolete ammo counter might help here. 2) Shootin' Irons and such.  The first weapon line is fine, but after that, range increment has to be listed on the damage line, and damage on the range line.  When you click the roller for any weapon past the first, these values are swapped. Misc 1) The boxes for Edges, Hindrances, Nightmare, Gear, etc...  don't grow larger, or have a scroll bar if more info is entered into them that the size of the box allows.  You have to click into the text, and then use arrows to see all of the text within the box if it extends past.  Having the boxes start larger and either grow, or have a field that lets the mousewheel scroll the text in the box instead of the whole page would be nice. Okay, now some of the requests/suggestions. Combat Stuff Bring back the Ammo Counters from the Obsolete Data.  Having some of these helps track spent shells from a six-shooter or rifle better..  and with a slider, it helps when a reload only adds 1-2 bullets. Have a hit location chart that lists locations from high roll down..  like Noggin' (20) Upper Guts (15-19) Arms (11-14) Gizards (10) Lower Guts (5-9) Legs (1-4).    The reason is that there are modifiers to hit location based on Raises, Advantageous Position, Whether you are Fightin'  or not (20th anniversary, p132), and it helps players visualize better how a +/- to the hit location might help drift to a better location (gizzards for +1 die, or Noggin for +2). Arcane Abilities It would nice if each power had a roller, and if the roller linked to the trait listed in the power.  For instance, Soul Blast is linked to Spirit, while Shadow Man is linked to Smarts, but both roll a number of dice equal to Hexslingin.  So it would be nice if each power had a roller that rolled the appropriate number/size of dice based on the Hexslingin' level and associated Trait. Misc Larger boxes or scroll-able boxes, as listed in problems that's it for now.  If we come across anything while actually playing, I will be sure to come back to make note of them.
I'll take a gander at it this weekend and try to fix up a few of these. I have already updated the font in some places. Cheers, Cassie

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Hey  Agonar , Arcane Abilities For this can you get me a list of Traits that will be used for spells? I can turn this into a select then also make a button. I'll need to know what Traits can be used for this.
Looks like only the Mental Traits are used for Hexes, so Smarts, Cognition, Knowledge, Mien, and Spirit
Hey Argonar, I added a pull request to the majority of the changes but no changes were made under the Arcane tab. I wanted to get out the ones I'd finished before code push tomorrow. I'll try to find time this week to fix the Hexes. Thanks, Cassie