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Am i overlooking something?

I am setting up to run a game and as i would like to broadcast this via twitch or something like that i am having a issue though.  Is there a way that i can set Roll20 to run on two monitors?  one monitor would show the screen that we play on and the second the chat window and settings bar.  My reasoning for this if if you watch the stream people could see the background stuff. me changing settings or handouts being popped up.  i would like this to stay off the main screen.  Is that doable?

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HI Jerry, Absolutely this is possible. Check out this Stupid Trick . Let me know if you have any questions.
I like the idea. In fact i made a ghost account just to try out my set up. the only issue would be the dummy account is gonna show up as a camera icon thing. That might confuse people. Anyway around that. Perhaps setting that account to no voice/cam? thanks for the help

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Yes, set the dummy account to not send video and make their icon very small. This is what I do. They will still show up as a name, but that's not a big deal. You can also change the name of the account to something apropos, like your campaign name.
Thank you for the help. I am steadily getting the hang of all of this. Sure beats google hangouts
Hey Keith, little snag here. I doubt you can help me with this but i figured i would ask.  So i am in my room, plus the dummy account logged in and set up. I am recording the feed through OBS.  I am getting wicked freaking feedback.  The first thing i did was mute myself via the dummy. it still picked up audio.  Here in lies my dilemma, i wanted a richer sound from my mic.  I was originally using a cheap mic and while it worked ok i can do better.  So i pulled out my B1 (mic) and routed it via a mixer. I still have to mute the sound on the dummy account, but when i do this i am no longer getting sound recording through OBS.   Like i said its a long shot that you will know a fix but i am still learning all this and your the only one i "know"
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I have had a lot of problems routing sound with OBS. My ability to help is further complicated by the fact that I am on a Mac, which routes sounds differently (I'm assuming that it's likely you are on a PC). What I do is completely turn off audio and video (no broadcast/receive on either) on the dummy account. I can't really answer on how to throw a mic into the mix.
yeah PC.  Its no worries i will push buttons till i figure it out.  Thanks for all your help.