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Music Player Problems

A significant number if not all of the players in my game including myself are having an issue where the jukebox will play through about 4 songs and then just stop. It's not a problem with a specific song file. I have checked the songs on my fanburst page. If I log out and log in it will start again. It willeven play the song it stopped on last and then stop after a handful of songs. We have never had this problem before. 
Does it stop midway through song or stop trying to play another song?  Is it the same song every time, in other words you are going sequentially through your playlist?  I haven't encountered this yet. I upgraded the Roll20 Audio Master API, so I've been using Jukebox extensively.   What I have seen is that Jukebox sometimes go out to lunch.  The song simply won't play, for a while, in Jukebox.  If I navigate using the cloud icon to Fanburst, it doesn't play there as well.  For whatever reason, give it time and it comes back and starts playing again, but what happens is Jukebox plays the song and there's no sound.  This is why I ask is it the same song causing this or is it happening after 4 songs no matter what songs they are?  
BTW, a number of people have reported issues with Fanburst.  Tracks not playing.  The problem seems to have gone away, so I'd suggest trying again and seeing if it's resolved.  This most likely is not a Roll20 issue.  The problem is in Fanburst and the way to verify is to use the cloud icon for the track to navigate to Fanburst and see if it's playing there.  If it isn't, then it's a Fanburst issue.  
Its random songs I can check fanburst and it plays there but not on roll20 maybe I can upgrade the audiomaster. Though yes it looks like its playing but nothing l. I have tried going through the playlist, setting the playlist to shuffle, and clicking a new song. If I refresh roll20 and click the song it will play after a reload but then do it a different time. I wasnt having this problem the last few weeks its just started for my players and I in the last week. 
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If you are using Audiomaster, make sure that you remove all and import jukebox after any changes to your tracks. But yes, many users have reported very recent (last week) problems with Fanburst.
I'm not sure I am using audiomaster I just know it's not just me. Thanks for the response!
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FYI, Roll20 AudioMaster (Roll20AM) is a script that is added to your campaign's API. If you are not sure if you are using it, you probably are not. The Fanburst problems seems to be slowly clearing for many users. Hopefully your issues will resolve themselves eventually. The link I gave is for a manual install, but you may prefer to use the One Click library. Use instructions are in both places. Note that if you read the forum thread, the script changed authors and underwent heavy syntax revision. Use the instructions found in the git or the one-click.