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[LFG][5E/Open to learning a new system] An experienced DM looking to join a game


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Hello everyone my name is Steven and I have been involved with 5e for nearly 3 years (I think) and it is the only system I have played. Most of my time with the system has been as a DM (with some but not much experience as a player) and I am looking for a game to join. I am not to picky on a system, though I would prefer 5e, just because I am familiar with it. However I have two caveats if its 5e, please don't be a level 1 game(I am totally fine with joining a game already in progress), the higher the level the better and be open to the possibility of a homebrew archetype. I am based in the CST timezone and I can make just about any day work, barring Fridays. I would prefer something long term and not a one shot, it can either be a module or a custom world. No P2P games please.  In terms of a character I have two I wouldn't mind playing, in 5e. A path of the zealot barbarian and a paladin with a homebrew oath, though I am not dead set on either one, I can and would pick something else if the party happens to need something.  A bit about me as a player. I enjoy a good story, no matter if its small in scale or large, as long as its interesting and has options for us I will enjoy it. I also enjoy getting into character, though I can't do a special voice. I am also into combat, though I would prefer it to be a bit more challenging then normal 5e. I enjoy games where there is choices and consequences for our choices, be they good or bad. I want to have a feeling of being in a living world and being able to do anything I want, regardless of the consequences.  EDIT: Well I just noticed I missed the d in experienced, that is going to bother me. 
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Steven K. said: EDIT: Well I just noticed I missed the d in experienced, that is going to bother me.  Ask and a Mod shall fix.  Good luck in your search :)
hello im running a game that has about 4 months on going and looking for 2-3 players, although it might not be what youre looking for since i dont allow much homebrew classes or archetypes but could look into it as i have done for my players in the past, new players start on level 6 if youre interested here id the game information if not good luck on your search regardless.
Hi iam looking for a person to join a lvl 14 campaign thats been going steady for over a year set in a homebrew setting nothing to odd about it. Were currently looking for a healer i.e. Cleric, druid, celestial lock bard. Mostly for in combat healing not that thats all you would be doing lol. current party set up is barb, fighter, sorc, rogue, lock. were mostly using only base races enless its something equal like one player is a goblin stuff like yanti are  a big maybee lol. we use discord to talk. Hit me up if you would like more info or join. game link