[LFP][LGBT+ Friendly][Homebrew] Looking for people to join The Jeweled Kingdoms


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Welcome to The Jeweled Kingdoms Three powerful and distinct Nations, all located on a continent surrounded by a Sea of Moving Sand. [Each Capital has a Port] The Lustrous Kingdom of Zircon , lush forests, rolling hills and dangerous glades, it's people are mystical and possess an almost, supernatural beauty. Living alongside nature, not mastering it exactly, but living symbiotically with it to form a bond, and unusual items, unlike any other. They may be the most carefree of the triumvirate, but they have troubles of their own, embodied by something only they are experiencing - The Nightmare. Due to this terrible affliction, not even sleep can truly offer respite. Despite this mar, they care deeply for all things living and will always opt to spare it when possible. Main Exports : Treated Woods, Magical Items, and Glimmer Shard.   The Noble Kingdom of Spinel - cold, almost inhospitable, filled with once-lush frozen forest valleys and mountainous terrain. They may not be the biggest (landmass-wise) compared to the other two kingdoms, but they make up for it in ferocity and ingenuity. Secretive and filled with an intellect almost as big as their ego, they are prone to trip over their own feet. The Spinarian's are very proficient in their own science of G.E.E.R. (Generated Emissions via Engineered Reaction) - but this has led to terrible experiments, leaving twisted abominations to roam the land, but, it has also led to the advancement of city infrastructure and Gothic architecture. Main Exports: Ice, Fish, and Strong Metals. The Vitreous Kingdom of Iolite . Hot desert, deadly raiders, and an environment more likely to kill you than the numerous monsters that lurk within the charred and sandy wasteland. Contrary to the surrounding environ, the construction of its capital city is lofty and grand, filled with glistening waterways and luscious hanging gardens. It's people enjoy the finer things in life; fashion, alcohol, and most importantly, the thrill of making a contract - all the ceremony, and consequences, involved with it. Most worship a divine intelligence that they believe exists due to the collective knowledge of the Ioan People and their belief in its divinity. Main Exports: Specialty Libations, Treated Cloth, and Fruit. Hello Noble Knight , my name is The Never Lord, and I, want to take you on an incredible adventure! I'm looking for Roleplay focused players who are willing to give as much love and attention to the world and their characters, as I do. Below, I will be giving you plenty of information, and if you have any other questions - you can PM me or ask it below. Sessions We'll be playing every week, Wednesday preferred, but will adjust to player needs. Session will be a minimum of 3-4 hours. Pay to Play I chose Pay to Play because of the amount of work and attention I put into my games, both in and out of Roll20. Payment of $10 is due after every session If you dislike the session for any reason and do not wish to pay, than you aren't required to do so. However, you will not be able to come to the next session until a payment is made. Payments can be made via Paypal. What do you receive from paying? A GM who works hard to ensure you have the greatest experience possible. A fully customized experience, as this is a homebrew setting and system. I will also be taking your character into deep consideration. Handouts or content that would aid you in having a smooth and enjoyable session will be set up. For example; spells, class features, weapons, armor, rules etc. I am extremely accessible, you can message me at any time and I will respond ASAP. General Table Stuff Try not to interrupt other players, especially if the attention is on that player such as it being their turn in combat or I'm talking to them directly. People should be generally friendly, polite and helpful. I expect the party to work together, PvP is forbidden unless there has been an agreement between players to allow it. I'm looking for Roleplayers that want to love their characters as much as I do, but you don't need to be a veteran. Think before you say something in-character or roll. It's each player's responsibility to manage their own character sheet. Though, I will be attentive of your sheets. Here is a link to the game: https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/126762/the-jeweled-kingdoms If you are interested in joining a podcast, you can also apply to audition here: https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/121805/iv-death-house This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of $10 a session, after every session, via paypal. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements.
I've never played before but I'd be interested in joining! I'll send you a message

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sovngardes .. said: I've never played before but I'd be interested in joining! I'll send you a message Wonderful! I certainly look forward to your message. Don't forget to check out the links! :-)