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Question about GMNote

I'm really loving this script, but I am using the OGL 5e sheet and had to switch the template to default.  I was wondering if there was an updated script that works with the OGL template?
The Aaron
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API Scripter
Try this one: on('ready',()=>{ const blockElements = [ 'p', 'h1', 'h2', 'h3', 'h4', 'h5', 'h6', 'ol', 'ul', 'pre', 'address', 'blockquote', 'dl', 'div', 'fieldset', 'form', 'hr', 'noscript', 'table','br' ]; const rStart=new RegExp(`<\\s*(?:${blockElements.join('|')})\\b[^>]*>`,'ig'); const rEnd=new RegExp(`<\\s*\\/\\s*(?:${blockElements.join('|')})\\b[^>]*>`,'ig'); const getLines = (str) => (rStart.test(str) ? str .replace(/[\n\r]+/g,' ') .replace(rStart,"\r$&") .replace(rEnd,"$&\r") .split(/[\n\r]+/) : str .split(/(?:[\n\r]+|<br\/?>)/) ) .map((s)=>s.trim()) .filter((s)=>s.length) ; const cmdRegex = /^!(w?)gmnote(?:-(.*))?$/i; on('chat:message',(msg) => { if('api' === msg.type && cmdRegex.test(msg.content) && playerIsGM(msg.playerid) ){ let match=msg.content.match(cmdRegex), output = match[1].length ? '/w gm ' : '', regex; if(match[2]){ regex = new RegExp(`^${match[2]}`,'i'); } _.chain(msg.selected) .map( s => getObj('graphic',s._id)) .reject(_.isUndefined) .reject((o)=>o.get('gmnotes').length===0) .each( o => { if(regex){ let lines = _.filter( getLines(unescape(o.get('gmnotes'))), (l) => regex.test(l.replace(/<[^>]*>/g,'')) ).join('<br>'); sendChat(o.get('name'), `${output}${lines}`); } else { sendChat(o.get('name'), `${output} &{template:desc}}{{desc=${unescape(o.get('gmnotes')).replace(/(?:[\n\r]+|<br\/?>)/g,'<br>')} }}`); } }); } }); });
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There are many tweaks to this script floating around. If you could post the actual code you are using, I or someone else should be able to help you figure out which lines to alter.
Hello when using gmnotes with 5ogl I prefer the spell template, desc is ok but... :) try yourself