I have a few games set in the Eberron setting. But have been having some problems when it comes to the enthusiasm and frequnecy of my usual player pools draw from.  Thus I am making a post to the general public. These games are going to be asynchronous and play by post in forums, and I wish for adult and mature players, as such these will all have the 18+. I am in the midst of creating a discord for people to talk in too. At present I would like people that are interested to choose one or two they would like to join, with the possibility of joining any others they are interested in at a later date. The following are the games with their location and general feel.  Takes place in Sarlona, specifically Syrkarn, and it seems like it is going to be psionic centric, a bit of a social tail at the moment but will likely go for a war/rebellion against Riedra. and their Quori overlords. Takes place in Xen'drik. Current plot is in the forest looking for an ancient city, has a more traditional adventuring arc.  Takes place in Khorvaire. Can host more political intrigue, and wider range of adventuring parties. Currently have a party of mercenaries, salvagers of the Mournland. Takes place in Khorvaire. On airship, if there are more interested than I think would conceivably be on a single airship I will open another airship. And all of these are Casual Asynchronous Forum games set in Eberron with 3.5 Character sheets to guide abilities and equipment. If you are interested please respond with these following questions copied, pasted, and filled out.  Which games I am interested in: My familiarity with Eberron, and DnD 3.5 on a whole: My familiarity with the PBP play style: What I would like to see in this game: The kind of character I would like to play:  Familiarity with PBP, Eberron, and 3.5 are not necessary, I would just like to know so I can help out with resources or advice etc.  Feel free to post questions here.