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Savage Worlds Macro Examples

(Arghhhhh, it's really annoying that threads are closed automatically after 2 months. There's no reason for that.) Just wanted to share my Savage World setup for anyone that was interested. On the macro bar, I do a simple inline macro for the various dice: [[1d8!]] Also on the macro bar is Melee Damage: /r {1d?{Strength|6}! + 1d?{Weapon Damage Die|6}! + ?{Modifier|0}} And Ranged Damage: /r ?{Number of Dice|2}d?{Die Type|6}! + ?{Modifier|0} Really, you could play Savage Worlds with just that. I went a bit father and created character sheets with attributes and common skill rolls. I then have token macros that look like this: Agility [[{1d@{Selected|Agility}!, 1d6!}kh1 + ?{Modifier|0} -@{Selected|Wounds}[Wounds] -@{Selected|Fatigue}[Fatigue] ]] (That's an agility roll, pulling the agility die from the character sheet as well as pulling wounds and fatigue. I map wounds to the red bubble and fatigue to the green.) It ends up looking like this: And the character sheet looks like (not that this token has a couple custom macros of it's own. Most of the token macros comes from the gm setup)
This is AWSUM! Thanks for sharing with us n00bs who aren't quite up to speed with Roll20 applied to Savage Worlds.

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Thats pretty much how I have my games set up except I typically combine all the skill and attribute rolls into 1 macro, they are all the same besides the size of dice your rolling. Looks like this. /roll { 1d@?{TraitDieSize |4}!, 1d6!}kh1 + ?{Modifier|0} This gives me as the GM 4 macros on the bar, Wild Card Traits, extras traits, melee damage, ranged damage. Occasionally i'll add an extra 1 or two on for special cases but not often. I should add that I don't typically add character sheets for gm controled characters, but i do for my players characters but I let them set those up as they wish to.
I put secondary attributes (Toughness, Parry, Charisma, Ammo, Power Points) in the Attributes Section, Then I put Skills in the Abilities section followed by Weapon Damage and Special Attacks (Such as Full Auto Attack). I have macros set for each Ability in order to make for my players as they are fairly new to SW. I use the dots on thier icons to represent wounds, with an X for incapacitate.

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Oh, I left out the trait roll, thanks Cursing. So for Savage Worlds you have a couple options on how to play: 1) Play with character sheets and just use the dice roller. Works pretty well. 2) If you want to speed things up a bit without much work at all, do a macro for Trait Roll (that CursingBulldog showed), Melee Damage, and Ranged Damage and put it on the macro bar. Players just click a button, enter the dice value, and they're done. Pretty quick. 3) With a little bit of work, you can setup macros for each token to do the die rolls that come up all the time (notice, persuasion, fighting, shooting, whatever you want). These become token buttons. Players can add extra macros to their character if they like. This requires character sheets ties to token. This is what I've shown above. I don't bother with setting up my NPCs - just a token for them (why bother? My players frequently kill them before they get to take an action). To make that easy, I added an exploding d4, d6, etc. to the macro bar and I just click on those. Those are also handy for the odd skill that has not been setup. Oh, and a d4-2 for the untrained rolls.
And to give credit where credit is due, I learned those macros from John R in this thread: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... Thanks, John! He's also got macros there for Rof3 and a few other things. (This would have been best added to that thread, but the board software doesn't allow that. Grrr.) (And this thread probably belongs in General On-Topic?)
I noticed that you've included wounds on the Attributes ~ how do you account for instances of characters that are wounded (ie from a previous raise) but have removed their Shaken status?
Well shaken status just means you can only take free actions so you would most likely only be making rolls when not shaken, and all wounds do is add a penalty to your rolls, same with fatigue. You could do wounds a couple of different ways depending you how you set things up. Since wound penalties are subtracted from your trait rolls you just need to add a term in to do that. First option would just be to take those off on your own after the roll. Second would be to add a variable such as the ?{Modifier|0} and include it in that before the roll. Third is using character sheets with a wound attribute. You could then either add a selected token value term to subtract the wounds, or have the macros pull directly from the character sheet. Specifics might change depending if you count wounds up from zero or down from your maximum. Counting up /r {base macros} - {charactername|Wounds} Counting down /r {base macros} + {{charactername|Wounds}-3}
Thanks Cursingbulldog! That's very well stated. I'm so new to making Macros I'm below n00b level. A player in our group wrote our Macros based on my description of needs. I will have him look at your suggestions ~ Thanks! We currently use the ?{Modifier|0} option and use the Token Bars to display Shaken/Wounds/Fatigue levels (with manual input) - but I was specifically referring to the stat block screencapped above. PaladinTodd's stat block shows 4 wound levels (and no stat for Shaken) so I am curious as to how that is managed. Thanks Again!
Shaken wouldn't require a stat block, its a condtion just like stunned or slowed in DnD, it only governs what actions you can take, not changing the value of your rolls. As for why PaladinTodd has 4 for the max in wounds and fatigue I'm not quite sure, the max penaltiy from wounds you can take is -3 so the max that value would need to be is 3, after that you are incapacitated, same for fatigue but that only goes up to -2 before becoming incapacitated. Unless he is trying to track wounds from the attack that would incapacitate you as you would need to soak all the extra wounds, for examply if an attack would give you 5 wounds you would need to soak at least 2 to avoid incapacitation to get down to 3 or less wounds but my understanding is after incapacitation if you don't die you go back to 3 wounds.
Yup - I'm with you.
For Shaken, we just put the little icon thingies on the token. We use the sick head. As noted, it doesn't affect roles so it doesn't need an attribute. I had wounds max at 4, because at -3 you're still up and kicking. -4 for us means incapacitated. We could have just used a icon on the token, but then if you drag the character sheet to a new map, you wouldn't know they were incap.
Gotcha - thanks. Initially I had assumed that was it, but I also wondered if you had worked in a cool trick for shaken. Very useful post btw - Thanks!