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[LFGM/P] [Starfinder] [Roll20] [Discord] Experienced d20 player looking for DM/players for a weekly/biweekly starfinder game.

Hi all! I'm looking for a GM and a couple of players for a starfinder traditional style campaign. I'm currently running my own homebrew campaign in SF, as well as GMing for a large east marches style group in 5e, and while new to the Path/Starfinder format the basics are well understood. I would be willing to organize players, schedule sessions, and basically do all outside work besides physically putting together maps/adventures for a classic VTT experience. I am very interested in starfinder as a format and love sci-fi, more than fantasy in most settings, but GMing and playing a GMPC loses a lot of the magic for the setting. If you would, if applying to be a player, just post your name, d20 experience, and 2 base character concepts (a couple sentences will work for each, to be fleshed out together with the dm). If applying for the DM position, do the same but instead of character concepts give me a basic synopsis or style of campaign you would run in the Starfinder setting, and previous DM experience (and/or any fun/interesting experiences you've had as a DM).
Player Application : Name: Tom d20 experience: As of this post, month's worth of Pathfinder and Star Wars Saga in concurrent games, the latter of which plays twice a week (the madmen). I also watched some Dawnforged Cast vids :D Character Concepts: Envoy - Abyssus Black is a meditative former cultist who saw into the abyss (get it?) of their esoteric beliefs before losing himself to them, having fallen into the trap of looking to far-out philosophies to escape feeling small in such a big galaxy. He comes off as a serious, intense man but will surprise you with his dry jabs of humor or when he lets his guard down. Solarian - Joliet Thane is a restless young woman still coming to terms with the destruction of her home-world to a supernova. Though she has consciously come to recognize the necessity of annihilation in her studies, sparked by the spawn of her mote, she has taken to space-faring adventures in a gluttonous endeavor to replace the memories of her lost home with the sights, smells, sounds and stories of other worlds. About Me:  I know you didn't ask, but I think a mesh of personalities is important for finding a good group. I'm an accepting, level-headed guy with a sense of humor. I'm patient with people and get along with just about anyone who doesn't want something that takes away from the experience of others.
Bumping this! Well done Pennate, and I'll send you a message.
Thanks. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Player application! Hi, my names Alexander, 29 years old, from germany GMT+2 (Berlin Timezone). My prefered time for sessions would be on the weekends, weekly, bi-weekly or monthy.... everything fine with me as long as have fun playing. Personally I think I am pretty easy to get along with, but who am I to judge? I like playing character concept that are a little bit.... different. I prefer scenarios that have a serious note but are sprinkled with a bit of humor - because we are playing a game... the world around us is serious enough ;) And now withut further ado... let Matthew and Felicia take the stage: Former Name:   Matthew Current Name:   Felicia Age:   16 Race:   Android Class:   Mechanic Theme:   Roboticist Matthew grew up as the only child of a pretty well-situated family. Since the young age of 6 Matthew was hailed as a wonderchild - his intellect far surpassing that of most adults around him and his comprehension of anything mechanical simply astounding. With a mother that died during childbirth and a father constantly concerned about his research, Matthew learned little about common sense or what normal children his age would do or like, instead he spent most of his time in the lab of his father. Matthew only cared about tinkering with machines, examining lifeforms of any kind, figuring out what made them "tick" and finding out ways to apply this to his machines or even do better than what nature had to offer. Matthew was especially fascinated by cats and their graceful movements - so he built his own little robot cat and called her Felicia. ---------------------------------- Mathew 10 years: One day as his father was rather frustrated about the lack of progress on the identification of a new-found device within an old dig site and went out to get some fresh air to cool off, Matthew went over to catch a glimpse of what it was that got his father so riled up. Shortly after his dad returned into the room, only to find his son sitting in front of a running device, the very device which was haunting his day and night for several weeks without end, smiling and shouting "Look dad! Look dad! I made it work!" From that moment on his dad took Matthew to every dig site and every research facility he was assigned to. Out of fear that someone might come to hurt his little wonder boy, his dad hired a bodyguard to constantly stay close to his son to protect him from any possible danger. But despite his son’s genius, it was undeniable that he was still a little child, which was shown in his frightened reaction to all these rough looking mercs. As Matthew was running away from Bodyguard number 5, she was a burly woman 6'10" tall with far too many scars to even think about calling her beautiful. In the eyes of little Matthew, she must have weight as much as a truck, and while he was running away he accidently dropped Felicia only to have that patchwork of a woman step on the little cat toy robot, damaging her beyond repair. Matthew cried his eyes out. For days he wouldn't leave his room. To him Felicia was far more than just a robot, she was his very first friend! His father didn't know how to handle the situation... to him it was just a minor incident... just a toy being broken. A toy his son made himself none the least! That was when his father got an idea - whether it was moment of genius or just born out of desperation none can say, but his father ordered a custom-made android. It was expensive and his dad had to call in some long-owned favors and loan some money from rather shady sources - but he got what he thought would be the ideal bodyguard and companion for his son. Matthew was fascinated by his new bodyguard and shortly after getting to know her started treating her like a big sister. His father was worried at first, but having to take care of the heavy expanses which he made for his son, he needed to swiftly get back to work. For years things seemed to be fine and everything was getting back on track for this odd family. Matthew and Felica, as he started calling his newfound big sis, seemed to be inseparable. And Matthew expertise with machines and in the archaeological field grew with every year. ------------------------- Matthew 16 years: While he, his family and his father’s co-workers were on their flight back home from an expedition, they were attacked by smugglers, pirates or whatever other hoodlums are doing such thing. Everything was pure chaos on board the spaceship. The Sound of the alarm, gunfire and the screams of pain and fear of the people around him made his brain stop working. Felicia dragged Matthew to the evacuation pods, but before they arrived an explosion behind them propelled some loose equipment towards them. Felicia shoved Matthew out of the way only to be flattened against the wall in the next second and the lights of her eyes started to dim. Matthew was shocked. For an instant he felt as if he was back when he was 10. His Felicia was about to die again! Matthew tried desperately to connect his rig to Felicia’s mainframe in an attempt to backup whatever he could save of her memory... if only he could transfer her memory and personally data... then surely, he could find a way to safe her! Just as he started transfering whatever data he could find, he felt a hot sensation shoot through his chest. As he looked down he saw a big hole where his heart should have been. The last thing Matthew saw before his sight turned black, was the final flicker of light in Felicia’s eyes. And then Matthew woke up. The first thing he noticed was that he couldn't breathe! He tried desperately to draw air into his lungs only to realize... that he apparently didn't need to breath. Matthew was confused. The next thing he noticed was that his body seemed heavier than he was used to and he couldn't move his right arm and leg. Slowly Matthew opened his eyes. And what he saw made him scream! In front of him was the dead body of a child lying in a big pool of black liquid. Everything around him seemed to be colored in different shades of grey. As Matthew turned his head he realized why he couldn't move his right arm and leg. They were stuck under a big crate holding one of the machines his father had brought with him on the expedition. Funny enough Matthew didn't feel any pain. He tried to struggle free from under the crate and after some time was able to shift the weight enough to slip out from under it.  As he popped out from under the crate he stumbled back and hit the metal floor of the spaceship with a loud metallic sound. Now that he could move, he noticed the next thing... and this was something that made him lose his mind. The loud noise drew Matthews attention to his body, and what he saw were arms, legs and a torso covered in cyberwear. His chest seemed bigger than what he remembered and everything seemed so familiar... a thought came to his mind but he couldn't believe it. It was simply impossible! With fear he never thought possible, he slowly got closer the dead child’s body. Carefully, as if it could rise up and attack him, he turned the body around... only to stare at his own lifeless face. As Matthew regained his senses and was somehow able to calm down his racing thoughts, he checked his own condition. Tried to make sense of what happened and find an explanation for how it was possible for a human mind to end up in the body of an android. No matter for what reason - one thing Matthew was sure of. He grabbed his computer with the data he transfered from Felicia and made up his mind. "First I need to get out of this ship. Then I need to find out who is responsible for this attack and make them hurt for what they’ve done! And then I somehow need to find a way to get Felicia back!" ------------------------------------ This was an idea that came to my mind as I was reading about the Starfinder Androids and their Cycle of Renewal. I thought: What would happen if a human and an android were joined (i.e. by cable to an implant in the human’s brain) during their moment of death? What if that android had something like a "motherly attachment" to that human? Would she take a gamble to safe that humans’ life? My plan was for Matthew to have an exocortex as a mechanic and upload Felicia’s data into the AI to always keep here with him and let her memory storage add all the experiences that Matthew is having, hoping that should he find a way to restore her to life, she would know about the path that he was walking.

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Hello, My name is Samuel, I'm 18 and from Germany (GMT+2). D20 Experience: Mainly 5e and mostly as a DM. I am rather new to starfinder (as well as Roll20) but am currently reading into it. Character Concepts: As mentioned before, I am still reading into starfinder which means I need to figure out all of the classes and possibilities. However, in terms of character race I'd probably go with Ysoki or Human (or something else depending which other races are playable), and in terms of class I'd go with either envoy, Soldier, Operative or Mechanic. The closest thing to a concept I have would be "Finch"(name might be changed). -Finch is a Ysoki Mechanic who is not only afraid of many things (anything that's generally scary; other things at DM's discretion) but also ran away from his home in order to explore the wonders of space. This plan did not work out well for him as he boarded the wrong spaceship and was then thrown out after multiple weeks of travel on a random (but civilized) planet. He suffered a small panic attack after this event as he had no clue were he was, had no credits left  and no place to rest. In order to cope with the situation, he build a combat drone that would defend him should he ever need it (name of the drone also TBD). -"Declan Fahren" (Human; Soldier-Sharpshoot;Irish or German accent) was part of a mercenary group employed by "the" military (DMs discretion: which military did employ them). During one mission, he started questioning his morals and how he would fare if there were to be any kind of afterlife (I know this sounds vague, but I'm still working on it...). After that mission, he decided that it would be best to leave the mercenaries, search for a way to "cleanse" his soul of his monstrous deeds and only hurt(/kill) those "who deserve it". [ I know it sounds generic but I'm still working on it. Depending on what will be accepted by the DM it will potentially become quite darker]
Name: My name is Daniel and I am 27 years old and I live in Sioux Falls South Dakota. Character Name:  Arterius d20 experience: I have played tons of D&D but I really want to play Starfinder. I am usually a DM but for this game I want to be a PC instead. I think the chance for roleplay in Starfinder is tremendous. I have never played a game of starfinder before and I am also new to Roll20. I am working on a Starfinder campaign however just in case I can't find a group because I really want to play Starfinder. Character Concepts: My name is Arteries.Its a name that everyone knows. At least they should and if they don't they are going to. For I am an Icon. One of the greatest actors in all of the Pact Worlds. However, sometimes I just want to escape the limelight and on those nights I go out as an Envoy to gather information for whoever is willing to pay me the big bucks. Oh and did I mention I am a Vesk. Bet You didn't see that coming. P.S. Being a DM since I was 15 I know what most GM's want from a PC and what they don't want. I can promise not to steal the limelight from others, to help others if they are having trouble getting into RP, and being a good player who gets that the GM word is law.  I hope that my application strikes your fancy. I would love to play.