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Translation of a single character sheet


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Sheet Author
Hi, to make an english character sheet available for german players I want to translate the sheet. As far as I understood to make this translation publicly available I have to pull the change into the repository. I am under the impression that you cannot (are not allowed to) simply make changes to character sheets / repos that you are neither the owner nor a maintainer of. So my question: Will a pull request with only a translated json-file be merged by Roll20 even if I'm not the owner or a maintainer of the sheet? I did find some answers to translation related questions, but none to this. Cheers, Loki PS: I know that I can translate the sheet privately via the translation tab of a custom campaign, but I want to provide the file to all german players.
Sheet Author
API Scripter
It will be merged, don't worry.
Sheet Author
Thanks! :)
Andreas J.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
Yeah the sheets and the translations are largely community-created and Roll20 staff goes through the pull request one a week and approves all that seems to be correctly made, and give pointers to why if they don't merge something. Community-created sheets aren't "owned" by the author, so anyone can go and make a pull request for improvements or translation updates. Of course big changes would be nice to communicate with the author or maintainer beforehand, but new translations doesn't fall in that category. So go ahead and make a pull request for the translation.