The Forge of Fury [D&D 5e] - Monday Night 7:00PM GMT+8. Looking for 1-2 players.  (GMT+8 players Preferred) TL;DR - Need 2 players, preferably aussie to play D&D5e in FR setting with alike peeps that enjoy Acquisitions Inc, Harmon Quest, The Adventure Zone and Critical Role. Time as stated, will do session 0, using discord. Application at bottom. I am currently recruiting 1-2 players for reoccurring Monday Night Session. The intention is to play through The Forge of Fury module from the official Yawning Portal book and than carry into the new Waterdeep module once it has been released.  Game Information.  Schedule: Weekly. Monday Nights 7:00pm - late GMT+8 (Perth, WA) Session Length: 2-4 hours (guaranteed minimum of 2 hours, possibly overtime if circumstances permit) Group size: 4-5 players (4-5 Players, 1 DM(myself)) Campaign Setting: Sword Coast/Forgotten Realms (standard 5e setting) Starting Level: 4 Strictly NO PVP Communication: Voice via Discord. Roleplay: Strong engagement required, developing character backgrounds, etc. Rules: I have some homebrew rules around critical hits, injuries, resurrection and society these will be explained at your first session. Character Creation Details. D&D 5e rule set Source Materials: PHB, SWAG, XGTE, MTF, and Volo's. My only request is that you have good background for monstrous races.  Morally grey - Alignment is not a huge deal, but I will no tolerate murder hobo's or outright dicks. I mostly use Alignment for religion. Starting at level 4.  27 Points Buy for stats. Variant Humans allowed. (possible others with DM approval) Character Hooks/Background - I personally would like to work with the group during session 0 to help tailor your characters into the setting and allow you to have influences on how the campaign will be run. This will include looking at what your end game desire is, what plots you'd like to explore and any other features of your character we can intertwine with the group. As the game has already started session 0 has already happened, but I will work with you prior to your first game and possible during your first session to make sure all loose ends are tied up. Death in the Game If your character dies, it may not be the end. If you feel the death is just and fair then its is final and you can either create a new character or we can work some awesome thematic way to bring your character back. In some events I also have pre-generated characters that player may use as temporary characters. Expectations. D&D works best when all players share mutual respect and trust with each other. Being comfortable at the table is earned by knowing you can trust the players around you. To help facilitate that, here are a few expectations I have for any of my players. Players. I realise the time and effort everyone is putting into this game and will do my best to make sure everyone is having a good time. I will on time to games, every week. Weekly participation is key to the group's progression, safety, and overall enjoyment of the game. I am aware that life happens. I will make sure (if I am able) to communicate any inability to make it to the game at least 24 hours before hand, to be gracious toward the other players. I will stay engaged with the game. (I will not go AFK mid game, I will not be distracted with social media or playing games). I have a microphone (that works) and a stable internet connection. I will be prepared prior to the game to avoid any need for distraction. I will download Discord for communications. I will perform character sheet maintenance such as levelling, preparation and tracking. I will know the rules and have (physical or otherwise) a copy of at least the PHB. (DM will provide sources materials if required) I will share the spot light when required. (I will not try to out stage my fellow players). I hate saying this one, but speaking English as I have a hard time with deep accents and find that stopping to explain things will bog down the game. DM. I will always be on time to games. I will communicate clearly and in a timely manner any schedule abnormalities or other issues. I respect all players equally. I will be prepared. (thoroughly). I will always be fair and just in my judgement. I will work to give each character opportunities throughout every session and the longer-term campaign to shine. I will listen to player feedback and tailor the gaming experience to the group's desires. I will provide a high quality cooperative experience which is engaging and entertaining. About the DM Hi guys, I'm Vegemite an Australian DM with over 15 years experience running D&D games. Professionally I am a creative writer with a couple of published works, however I am no Patrick Rothfuss or Terry Pratchett (as much as I wish I was) but I do enjoy writing more than every. My DM style is narrative, inclusive and collaborative, where I tend to bring the characters to the forefront of the story. I love engaging NPC with the characters, bringing a scene to life with some creative voice work or descriptive actions. I want to completely immerse the players, bringing connection to world around them and making emotional investments, allowing me to later make some very memorable moments. Applications Here