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Macros quick bar, and Macro character sheet

Mik Holmes
Marketplace Creator
I'm trying to combine two suggestions from the stickied Stupid Tricks thread, Macro Character Sheet and Emojis in Macro Buttons. I've got a decent number of games starting up, and I'm going to be transmogging in my Macro character (made in my library game) into each of them. Unfortunately, the macro hotbar settings don't transfer over - the names and colours of the hotbars. The macro hotbar in the other games just looks like "Macros: Add-to-Init" "Macros: Lighting Menu" etc. Is there a way to import the macro hotbar settings between games? I realize it's a very specific case, and I'd guess there's no easy way, but I wanted to ask just in case I've missed something.
Forum Champion
Marketplace Creator
API Scripter
No, as far as I know, the names and colors as they appear in the macro bar are not associated in any way with the macros they represent and are campaign specific.