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Starting first games with my children

Hi Folks Posting this in LFG because I wasn't sure what other forum would support this question. My children are 8 years and 6 years old.   I'd like to play a D&D style table game with them.    Obviously the 6yo may struggle to understand the complexities of D&D full features. Is there a particular board game or something that I could do to start them which is an easy road to building the rest of D&D? Love to hear your views, Gavin

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Gen Kitty
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Please be aware that our forums are only for discussion of Roll20-related things.  If you are not looking for a Roll20-related answer, there are better places to ask this question. /r/rpg /r/dnd If you are looking for boardgames/TTRPGs played on Roll20, then this is the right place for that question :)
Gavin, you might look into ICRPG. You can get the free starter guide on <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>. I believe that this would be a great place to start not only children, but anyone who is not familiar with DND. The rules are much more simplified and I really like some of the variations in game play. I actually just got done running a group through a mini-campaign using ICRPG. It was a blast!
Brian.. thanks a lot!
No Thank You, Evil is Cypher system specifically for children. Threadbare is powered by the apocalypse. You play as toys. There is a gamemode called "Fluffy" which is meant to keep the game entirely g-rated, but in all modes there is no character death. Since everything is 2d6 and a small modifier the math is very simple. Princesses and Palaces involves building a cardboard castle and then destroying goblins while wearing tiaras.
Gen Kitty
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Because this has not stayed Roll20-focused, I have to move this to the Off-Topic locker. From the Roll20 Community Code of Conduct : The Roll20 Forums exist to discuss topics directly related to the use of the Roll20 program. Anything that more fittingly could be discussed on another website SHOULD be discussed there. Here are some good places to discuss this topic: /r/rpg /r/dnd