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Can't Hear Music

Every time I log into my own campaign, fewer of the music selections I have saved on the jukebox tab actually play for me. My players report being able to hear everything just fine, it's only me that hears nothing. Master volume is all the way up, each track's volume is up. Some work, some don't, and after some time those that did work stop working.
Forum Champion
Have you tried to clear your cache?

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EkkoFoxtrot, clearing your cache is step three on this page: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

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I did so. It crashed my browser in the process and deleted all progress I had made working on my campaign this session...and the music still doesn't work.

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Forum Champion
Clearing your cache should not crash your browser. What kind of progress did you lose? It should not have affected that.
I had some character sheets open that I was making. The browser crash forced me to lose progress on them, not roll20's fault.
Forum Champion
I see, ok. Here are a few other things I can suggest: 1) following step #2 in the link Sarah posted to make sure that an extension isn't interfering. 2) Log out of Roll20 and log back in 3) remove the music and add it again.
Roll20 Team
You also might want to double check that you can still listen to your selected tracks directly from SoundCloud's website (that's where the music and SFX tracks are being streamed from). If you can hear it from their website but not in Roll20, then there's a breakdown somewhere on Roll20's side of things for your streaming needs.
There's like 2 dozen music files here, and I've changed a lot of their names to sort them more easily...if I delete them, it's going to be very hard to find them again. Is there no other way?
New development: it sometimes starts working if I refresh the page, but breaks again soon after.
Forum Champion
Regarding deleting them, the source of the music file should be shown as "original track" when you hover over the music file. If you click on "original track" it will open a link to the original file at soundcloud. That should help you find it again later.
I have been having the very same problem as ekkofoxtrot. I've tried everything suggested, but still no jukebox for at least 3-4weeks. I finally tried to go to the soundcloud site to see if it was working and found my problem. Soundcloud has been blocked in China.