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Warhammer 40k 6th edition - Roll20 Battle Report : Tyranids - Space Marines

Hi everyone The Warhammer 40k tabletop community on roll20 is growing, and I wanted to start making battle reports from time to time, so this is basically a pilot, to see if the format works, if people that do not play the game are interested in reading them, and if I didn't mess it up horribly. Note that english is not my native language, so please excuse all the spelling and grammar mistakes. So, here we go. The first game I'll cover was played yesterday, a simple Tyranid - Space Marine game around 1700 points, the Hive Fleet Behemoth fighting against the Ultramarines, on the deserted lands of Maccrage ! To begin with, here are the two armies : The Ultramarines, led by a Captain on a Bike and his biker squad : Two tactical squads embarked in Rhinos, a Dreadnought with twin-linked heavy flamer and heavy flamer embarked in a drop pod, a squad of Terminators, an assault squad with jump packs, a Predator with a Lascannon and two heavy bolters, and a squad of Scout with camo cloak, a devastator squad, 4 sniper rifles, and a heavy bolter. Then the Tyranids, led by a Tervigon : two broods of 20 Hormagaunts, 3 zoanthropes, a brood of 3 tyranid warriors, a huge brood of Genestealers led by a Brood Lord, 3 biovores, 3 Lictors, a brood of 9 Ravener, a mawloc, and Deathleaper. DEPLOYMENT So, here we go, here's what the battlefield looked like after deployment, considering the space marines deployed first, and are playing first : The green circles are objectives, they are each worth 3 victory points to whoever controls them at the end of the game, and the 3 secondary objectives are Slay the warlord, Linebreaker, and First Blood (they are each worth one victory point) SPACE MARINE TURN 1 MOVEMENT & SHOOTING PHASE We jump right into the action, as the space marines start their first turn. They immediately start advancing at full speed, trying to control the map and to reach the objective point in the middle of the map. The scout and the devastator squad stay in position, taking aim, and preparing for the shooting phase. During the shooting phase, the space marines unload on the tyranids, inflicting some minor damage to both of the Hormagaunt squads, and inflicting one wound on a Zoanthrope, as well as a Tyranid Warrior. The scouts however manage to hit the Tervigon with their sniper rifles, inflicting one wound, leaving him with five. ASSAULT PHASE No assault from the space marines during their first turn, so we jump directly to the first turns of the Tyranids ! TYRANIDS TURN 1 MOVEMENT & SHOOTING PHASE Time for the hive to start advancing, they try to close as much as possible with the space marines, hoping to be able to catch them in melee combat during the assault phase. The Tervigon gives birth to a brood of 9 Termagants that stays around him, and he regenerates his lost wound, getting back up to 6. During the shooting phase, the Biovores starts using their biological mortars, launching explosive spore mines at the biker squad, along with the Zoanthropes using their psychic powers and with their combined efforts, they manage to kill two space marines bikers. ASSAULT PHASE The brood of Hormagaunts tries to charge the space marine bikers, taking some overwatch shots that kills two of them, but fall short on their charge distance, and can't move in the end. The Tervigon immediately assaults the Rhino near the objective in the center of the map, transporting a squad of 10 tactical marines. The beast crushes the tank with it's huge crushing claws, and hits a weak point. The tank blows up, killing two of it's passenger in the process. SPACE MARINE TURN 2 MOVEMENT & SHOOTING PHASE The Space marines took some casualty, but it's time to strike back. The reinforcements are coming : the assault squad with their jump packs deep strike directly behind the enemy lines, hoping to get their weaker units under pressure, forcing them away from the objective. A drop pod is sent from orbit, and crashes near the Hormagaunt brood on the right side of the map. A dreadnoguht emerges from the transport, and immediately ignites his heavy flamers. The bikes move forward, trying to get a good shot at the biovores, and the only Rhino left moves closer to the center of the map, and its passengers disembark. The survivors of the Rhino explosion run back, trying to get some distance between them and the huge Tervigon, knowing that they don't stand a chance if they get close to the beast. The shooting begins with the biker squad managing to take out one of the biovores, reducing a bit the artillery damage comming out from the tyranid side. The tactical squad that disembarked from their Rhino manage to take one of the Tyranid warrior down, and wound another one, leaving him with only one wound left. The Assault Marines take some shots with their pistols at the Tervigon offsprings, and killing 3 of them. The dreadnought unleashes 2 gout of flame right into the pack of Hormagaunt, burning almost 10 of them into a crisp. The rest of army unleashes all it's firepower on the Tervigon, hoping to bring the beast down before it can give birth to more Hormagaunts, and to weaken the link between the beasts and the hive mind. They inflict 4 wounds, not enough to bring the creature down. ASSAULT PHASE No assault from the space marines during this turn either. The dreadnought and assault marines that just came in cannot assault during this turn, and the other space marines would rather not throw themselves into the hands of the alien monsters. TYRANIDS TURN 2 MOVEMENT & SHOOTING PHASE The Tervigon immediately regenerates a wound, getting back up to 3, and gives birth a new herd of Termagant at his side. The devastator squad, up in their watchtower, hear some rumble behind them as a brood of 9 Raveners emerge from the sand, ready tear them apart. The scouts also get a horrible surprise, as the Deathleaper reveals himself behind them, invisible before that because of his chameleonic skin. The Hormagaunt broods leap forward, trying to get into melee as fast as possible, while the Tyranid Warriors and the Termagant move to defend the objective against the assault marines. The shooting begins with the Zoanthropes unleashing their psychic powers on the bikers killing one more of them, while the warriors and termagant manage to get rid of 3 assault marines with their biological weapons. The termagant near the middle of the map take some shots at the tactical squad, but with no success as the power armour of the space marines seems impenetrable. ASSAULT PHASE The hormagaunt brood on the left side of the map manages to charge the bikers, engaging them into a brutal melee. One of the bikers goes down, as do multiple aliens. The space marines bikers with the captain seems to have the upper hand so far, but the fearless creatures do do not fall back in any way. The Tervigon charges at the tactical squad, crushing two of them between in claws, while the space marines do not manage to get through the thick chitin of the creature. Even the bravest men of the imperium cannot face this living tank, and they immediately start falling back, without him being able to catch them. SPACE MARINE TURN 3 MOVEMENT & SHOOTING PHASE Finally, the Terminator squad manages to teleport in the middle of the action, behind the Tervigon, to bring it down as quickly as possible with their power weapons. The tactical squad on the right side of the map immediately regroups after falling back, and turns around to take aim at the tervigon, hoping to finally take him down The second tactical squad, on the left of the map, move north to get a better shot on the zoanthropes, while the Devastator squad turns around to try to reduce the amount of Ravener before they cut them into pieces. Meanwhile, the dreadnought rushes behind the Hormagaunt pack, hoping to burn down more of them before they can be a treat to the rest of the troops. The shooting starts with the tactical squad taking down one of the Zoanthropes. The Terminators, Predator, and second tactical squad all focus fire on the tervigon, and against all odds only manage to inflict a single wound on him, leaving him at 2. The scouts turn around on the Deathleaper, but cannot focus their aim on the almost-invisible hunter, and don't get a single hit. The Devastator squad manages to take down 3 raveners, leaving 6 of them ready to jump. The assault marine squad fire another round of pistol shots at the Termagant pack holding the top objective, killing some of them, while the Dreadnought unleashes his two heavy flamers one more time in the middle of the surviving Hormagaunt, killing half a dozen more. ASSAULT PHASE The dreadnought tries to assault the remaining hormagaunts, but doesn't manage to get in range, while the assault marines jumps on the Termagant pack, killing all of them but one. The Bikers keep fighting off the Hormagaunt, killing more of them, as two more bikers go down, leaving the captain with a single attack bike at his side. TYRANIDS TURN 3 MOVEMENT & SHOOTING PHASE Immediatly as the tyranids turn begins, the battle starts looking worse and worse for the space marines, as 3 lictors get out of their camouflage at the back of the space marine lines. At the same time, a huge pack of genestealers led by a Brood lord comes rushing, flanking the space marines army. The Tervigon doesn't manage to regenerate his wounds, but it manages to give birth to another brood of Termagant that immediately tries to run toward the Terminators to slow them down, to protect the Tervigon. The Raveners and Deathleaper close with their target, ready to jump on them as soon as the assault phase begins. The biovores, Warriors and Zoanthropes all focuses fire on the tactical squad, killing half of them in a single salvo. The termagant squad standing on the center objective fire their fleshborer at the second tactical squad, taking down two of them. ASSAULT PHASE The Hormagaunt pack throw themselves on the Terminators, hoping to slow them down and save the Tervigon. Most of them die, but they manage to take down one Predator with them. The Tervigon charges the Predator, crushing it with it's claws in a couple of hits. The Raveners slither to the devastator squad, leaving only 2 remaining, while the Deathleaper jumps on the Scout squad, killing 4 of them, leaving one alive, who, against all odds, stands his ground, decided to keep that creature in place for as long as he possibly can. The space marine bikers finally all go down, leaving the captain on it's own against the remaining Hormagaunts, and the Assault Marines finish up the last remaining Termagant and start heading toward the Tyranid warriors. SPACE MARINE TURN 4 MOVEMENT & SHOOTING PHASE The first tactical squad on the left heads up to get in range of the Zoanthrope, trying to finish up the last one of them, while the second tactical squad backs up, trying to get some distance between them and the tervigon while lining up some shots. The Dreadnought rushes toward the Genestealer pack, hoping to burn alive as many of them as he can before they are able to tear his battle brothers into pieces. A plasma shot from the second tactical squad takes one wound off of the Tervigon, leaving it with only one left. While one of the two remaining Zoanthrope go down and the last one is left with only one wound, the Drednought manages to unleash his heavy flamers right in the middle of the genestealers, immediately killing 5 of them. The assault marines line up some pistol shots on the Tyranid warrior, but to no avail as their chitin deflect the bullets. ASSAULT PHASE The assault marines use their jump packs to slam into melee with the tyranid warriors, killing 1 of them but taking 3 losses at the same time. The captain finally manages to get rid of all the remaining hormagaunts, and starts heading to the center of the battlefield, while the dreadnought engages the genestealer in melee, miraculously surviving their first attack and then crushing 4 more of them with a single blow. The last scout finally falls to the blows of the deathleaper, leaving the beast free to roam the battlefield, looking for a new prey. TYRANIDS TURN 4 MOVEMENT & SHOOTING PHASE Finally, the gigantic Mawloc manages to burrow his way out of the ground, trying to come from below the tactical squad on the left, killing them all in the process, but it misjudges the distance, and ends up not hitting anything. The Tervigon regenerates one wound, bringing him back to 2, and gives life to 12 more Termagants. The deathleaper and Lictors start heading toward the left side of the map, hoping to take down the tactical squad, surrounded by aliens, with almost no chance of survival. One of the pack of Termagant rushes for the bottom right objective. All the creatures open fire on the space marines, dealing little damage : one more space marine goes down in the first tactical squad, and the combined effort of two termagant broods manages to take down two Terminator. ASSAULT PHASE In a desperate attempt to save the Tervigon from the relentless Terminators and their power weapons, the Termagants throw themselves in a suicidal melee combat, but none of them survive and not a single terminator dies during the combat, leaving the Tervigon entirely exposed. The surrounded squad of tactical marines makes a heroic last stand as the Tervigon and Raverners both close up on them, tearing them apart. The Assault Marines manages to finish up the last Tyranid warrior, and only one of them is left alive after this bloody fight. The genestealer keep on trying to get through the dreadnought armour, but nothing seems to stop the walker, as it crushes 3 more genestealer in a few powerful blows. SPACE MARINE TURN 5 MOVEMENT & SHOOTING PHASE The terminators starts marching toward the Tervigon, decided to end the monstrosity's life once and for all, while the captain rushes on his bike toward the raveners, in an effort to save the tactical squad backing up toward the center objective. Meanwhile, the last assault marine jumps toward the top objective, hoping to at least deny it from the Tyranids. The last zoanthrope is killed by the tactical squad as it runs backward to the center of the battlefield, and Tervigon loses one more wound to one of the Terminator's shots. ASSAULT PHASE The Captain charges straight into the ravener, decided to block them here, even if he has to give his life for the mission to be successful. The terminators charges the Tervigon, power fist ready to strike and smash the head of the creature in, as if it was made of paper. The heroic Dreadnought finally goes down under the blows of the relentless genestealer, leaving one TWO of them alive, desperately trying to get to the center of the battlefield as fast as possible. The space marine's captain heroic charge pays off, as he kills two raveners in a single combat, but gets wounded at the same time, leaving him on the verge of dying. Finally, the terminators, in a single powerful blow, crushes the head of the Tervigon, and the beast goes down. The surrounding termagants, undertaking a huge synaptic backlash, as their 'mother' dies, collapse to the ground, dead, leaving the center objective completely exposed, and under the control of the Space Marines. TYRANIDS TURN 5 MOVEMENT & SHOOTING PHASE The two remaining Genestealers and the Deathleaper rushes toward the Terminators, while the last pack of termagant, somehow still obeying the Hive mind despite the lack of Synapse creature around them, leap toward the bottom right objective. The lictor brood also rushes toward the Space Marine Captain, hoping to bring him down, and get a Kill the Warlord. The Mawloc, feeling very bad about his failure during this entire battle, decides to redeem itself and destroy the last tactical squad standing on the objective, denying them the capture. The two biovores remaining manage to lobe a spore mine on top of the last remaining Assault Marine, killing him on the spot. ASSAULT PHASE The deathleaper jumps on the terminators, immediately dismembering 3 of them, before getting cut to pieces by the sergeant of the squad and his power sword. The combined efforts of the Lictors and Ravener do not suffice to bring the Space Marine Captain, who simply decides that today was not his time to die, as he brings down the last remaining Ravener. And against all odds, the Mawloc does NOT manage to charge the tactical squad, which still controls the center's objective. As this is the end of turn 5, a dice is rolled to decide wether the game stops or continues : the emperor protects, the game ends, giving a very unexpected victory to the space marines, against all odds, and even though they suffered insanely high casualties The final score is : Tyranids : Linebreaker + One controled objective = 4 points Space Marines : Slay the Warlord + First Blood + One controled objective = 5 points _____________________________________________________________________________ So, here it is. The first (I think) ever battle report of a Warhammer 40k game played on roll20. I'll do more in the future, depending on the feedback I get from you guys. If you play 40k, how do you think the format is, if you don't play 40k, is it interesting to read, and is it easy enough to understand ? If not, what do you think could be done to improve the format ? Did you like what you saw there ? Would you like to fight some epic battles online using roll20 ? Head over there for more information on how to do that, you don't need any previous knowledge or anything, come join the community !
Nicely done! I love the idea and it seems like a lot of fun to play. I haven't played in a long time and I wanted to get back into it, but it was just too much money at the time. I love the thought of playing a game on roll20 and I appreciate your post to show how it went and explaining it. Cheers.
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Nicely done.
Justin S.
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Excellent report! Great descriptions and maps. Looking forward to your next report. Now I want to dust off my Imperial Guards and join the fight.
This is great stuff!
Great battle report! I loved those hills of yours (no pun inteded if you are a woman). Are they you own assets, bought from the marketplace or free? A link or search "name" would be appreciated. I don't play 40k but I do play WFB and one of the only terrain assets for which I can't seem to find good candidates is hills.
Maetco said: Great battle report! I loved those hills of yours (no pun inteded if you are a woman). Are they you own assets, bought from the marketplace or free? A link or search "name" would be appreciated. I don't play 40k but I do play WFB and one of the only terrain assets for which I can't seem to find good candidates is hills. Hey, thanks for the feedback. The assets are my own, they didn't come from roll20. As far as I know there's no way for you to download them directly, so i'll just upload them somewhere and send you the link in a PM. If anyone else wants the assets, just send me a PM and I'll send you the link as well.
Noooo. I was resisting the urge to try 40k here. I'll just paint my models and go back to the game store. Now 3 turns into reading your report I.. must.... play....
Matthew H. said: Noooo. I was resisting the urge to try 40k here. I'll just paint my models and go back to the game store. Now 3 turns into reading your report I.. must.... play.... Nothing's stopping you from playing IRL while still getting your 40k fix online when you can't find a game IRL.