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How to Know the Size of a Game?

How to know the size of a game? I want to know when my game is getting too large to backup (or how much I have to delete to get it small enough to backup). On a related note, how much space do we each have? When I try to backup my current game I get the error An error occurred while copying the game's content:   * The game upload to FireBase has timed out. This probably means that your game is too large to copy."
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Good question. I'll bring it to the attention of the devs.
Hi Thomas, The maximum size that can be copied is entirely determined by Firebase (our data host). Typically, the hard limit is around 100MB-- For reference, our largest module (Tomb of Annihilation) is around 30MB. Unfortunately, we do not have a way currently to display how large your game is. Our recommendation at this time is that, if you are a Pro subscriber, that you make use of the Transmogrifier in order to transfer out assets (especially characters) into repository games. From here, you can make further use of the transmogrifier in order to transfer content as needed as opposed to maintaining a comprehensive catalog. In regards to how much space is available: There is currently no size limit on a game size. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Thank you for the reply! So no limit on content saved but the largest game that can be copied is around 100MB. Good to know!