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Player page movement script?

I've had no luck on my own so finally decided to ask here. I've created a Placeholder page for my players in their next campaign. Basically a page that has a calendar, season, current missions, just random info they might like. I'm trying to find a way to make that page accessible to them at all times. I've looked into Page Navigator, but to be honest when it comes to scripting I'm new so do not understand it fully. Is there an api that will allow players to looks at set pages?
I finally figured out how to do it using Map Change!
The Aaron
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API Scripter
Great!  Sorry we didn't get you help sooner, but it sounds like you were able to overcome it without too much trouble!
It's okay, I posted at a time that I figured would take a while because everyone was just getting ready for the day.
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I just gave that script a try. I didn't realize that its behavior could be inverted. I had previously decided against it, because I didn't want to rename every page, but renaming a handful I want players to have access to? That's great.