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Languages script language attribute on 5e ogl sheet

Hi all, using the script&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> &nbsp;seems pretty cool, in order to get it to work I need to make it look for the attribute for languages in the sheet using this command !setlanguagetag &lt; attribute &gt; this is the sheet wiki&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> but i can't see where it tells me what the attribute name might be. googling showed me it might be other_profiencies_and_languages but that gave me the error "'other_profiencies_and_languages' is not the name of an attribute in your character sheet" so probs not that.
Here is where it is going to be slightly tricky. The other proficiencies and languages section is a repeating section. This means that there is the potential for there to be multiple language attributes. So what can you do about this? First you need to make sure that each character only has one &nbsp;proficiency item for all &nbsp;of their known languages. Second you need to make sure that this proficiency is always in the same &nbsp;spot in the list. The first spot would probably be the easiest to remember. Then you just need to use this attribute: repeating_proficiencies_$0_name
Oof complicated, do i just put in a comma seperated list onto there? Thank you so much. How do you figure out the attribute name just out of curiosity?&nbsp;
If i put in&nbsp;/w GM &amp;{template:default} {{name=@{target|character_name} Languages}} {{@{target|repeating_proficiencies_$0_name}}} and target a particular characters token i get "Elven" coming back and that is correct for the character sheet but if&nbsp; I do !Elven Hello&nbsp; as the GM they get gibberish and if i do it speaking as the player it gives me "Character Pretending to spak Elven: gibberish". Almost as though the script can't see that tag or something?
I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with that script enough to help you debug why it is or isn't working. As for how I found the attribute name, that is from the repeating section holding the information (repeating_proficiencies ), which item it is in the list ( $0 because lists in most programming languages start at 0, not 1) and then the specific attribute within that repeating section holding the information you want ( name ). Then you just put it all together with underscores:&nbsp; repeating_proficiencies_$0_name .
So through just a cursory glance through the previous forum thread , there are two things happening that you may be missing: 1) Each time you launch the API sandbox, you will have to run the setlanguagetag command again. 2) You must have the "Speaking As" dropdown in the Chat Window set to the appropriate character.
I manually set the language tag in the script so even if it reloads it should pick up the correct tag I do have the appropriate character selected in the drop down I reposted this in the API section as well in case frequenters there have ideas too, totally appreciate your help and I think it must be close but something small is missing, i'm not familiar enough with js to debug myself&nbsp;