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[LFG][Anything][Text-Based] Experienced Tabletop Player Looking for a thing.

Hello all, As the title hints, I am currently looking for a game. I am typically available during afternoon/evenings of weekdays and with some more freedom during weekends. Since I am often located in areas with poor internet connection because of my job, I can only do Text-based game. Microphone is not an option. I have played several systems in my days and am ready to learn a new one if needed. Got a question for me? Hit me up. Cheers.
Three possibilities. Friday, 6:30PM Pacific, Star Wars Rise of the Oligarchs. West End 1st ed, alternate timeline. Sunday, 2:00PM Pacific, Delta Factor 2018, supers in my own setting, using an easy system called AMP. Some midweek Weeknight, 6:30PM, Something. Lots of room to maneuver here, with regard to what gets played. Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Preferably something Fantasy.