Hi all, I posted in the wrong forum before may be better here,  using the script  https://wiki.roll20.net/Script:Languages  seems pretty cool, in order to get it to work I need to make it look for the attribute for languages in the sheet using this command !setlanguagetag < attribute > this is the sheet wiki  https://wiki.roll20.net/5th_Edition_OGL_by_Roll20  someone suggested i use repeating_proficiencies_$0_name and have the languages in the first position in the other proficiencies section. I have done that and changed the line in the script to look for repeating_proficiencies_$0_name instead of prolanguage ( languageTag = "repeating_proficiencies_$0_name",)  . If I am talking as the GM players seem to always "hear" gibberish even if their language is the same as the one i'm talking in, and talking as the player it comes up as player is pretending to speak language.  If i put in /w GM &{template:default} {{name=@{target|character_name} Languages}} {{@{target|repeating_proficiencies_$0_name}}} and target a particular characters token i get "Elven" coming back and that is correct for the character sheet but if  I do !Elven Hello  as the GM they get gibberish and if i do it speaking as the player it gives me "Character Pretending to speak Elven: gibberish". Almost as though the script can't see that tag or something?