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[LFGM][Pathfinder, 5E or hybrid of the two][18+] We are a group of mostly new players

So some of my online friends want to play D&D and they have never done so before. I have many years of experience (15+) and have DM'd as well but I want to play not DM. I personally prefer pathfinder over 5E but I do love the Advantage/disadvantage system and the ritual system that 5E has. would love the play in a campaign of pathfinder with those systems implemented in it. But not a necessity. I'm looking for someone who enjoy's dming and would like to get to know them and see if they're a good fit for our group. Please don't respond if you're looking for reimbursement. Let's all have a good time instead. :)
I'm thinking Saturday evenings 6 or 7 pm EST