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[LFP] [5E] Greek / Roman Homebrew. Saturday night game looking for 2 players.

Hello! This Campaign is for 4 players. Im looking for 2 long term, serious players for a free homebrew game set in 146 BC, when Rome conquered Greece. We currently have a cleric and a rogue so we are seeking a Tank and a Melee DPS class. This will be in Discord chat and we are aiming for 8:30-midnight EST on saturday nights, every other saturday. The setting wont be 100% historically accurate since you guys will be fighting monsters and you'll have a group cleric, but as far as armor and weapons go im trying to stay by the book. The game will be lite roleplaying, heavy on adventuring, dungeon diving, battles/encounters etc. about a 30/70 ratio of roleplay to combat. Roleplaying is certainly welcomed but we do speak out of character a lot. The backstory is pretty simple, the Romans have come through and decimated your home towns and settlements and have taken you all prisoner, you manage to escape while being transported to Athens. From there your journey will involve lots of mythical greek monsters and plenty of your "run of the mill" dnd monsters like goblins and orcs. Magic is VERY limited, armor and weaponry is kind of limited as well considering heavy armor didn't exist at the time there will be no platemail or splint. Classes and Races will also be limited.  Requirements~ *MUST be 18+ (preferably 28+ lol) *Must have a thick skin: we are mostly MMO gamers so we joke and have fun but overt disrespect and negativity is not welcome. If this sounds like a game you might enjoy playing, PM me with the following basic info. What Classes do you prefer to play? Age? Time Zone? Thanks for reading =)
still looking for at least 1 more player