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[LFG] [5e] [UK/GMT] Flexible player looking for long term weekly game

No horror, dark or gritty settings. No west march games or dungeon crawlers, and no paid DMs. No groups larger than 3 other players, though any setting or content restrictions are fine. I'm open, flexible, and very dedicated and passionate about my games. I have an array of different characters so can fill any roll needed if needed to, I live in the UK so my times are betwean 9am and 11pm GMT, i can't play before or after those times but any day and any time is just fine (though i am currently hunting for work so depending if i find it some days and times may become unavailable). PM me with offers to join games, i'm not particularly open to making all new groups unless others are willing to find the new players and a DM, i've done it so many time in the past and it's exhausting haha
I'm also looking for more than one game, no hits yet mind
Not sure how the time difference works out with your schedule but you might be interested in my listing <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
A, not the system I wanna play, B, it starts at midnight :/