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[LFG][5e] Experienced Player looking for Roleplay focused games on Tuesdays!

Greetings, folks! Just making a post here to see if I can find a crew playing on Tuesday, with voice or voice+video. I'm very experienced with 5E and have just ended up with the itch to play in a new campaign. I'm hoping to find a smaller party, longer term game. In progress or just starting is fine by me. I'm hoping to find a group that is comfortable with roleplay and creative challenges! I'm a vocal player that is quick to make decisions in-character. Naturally, I'll pull together a character to fit with a group for whatever campaign you've got going.
Bump! The eternal hunt awaits us all!
I'd be willing to join you if you don't mind, what times on Tuesday are you free to play? 
Hey Trooper, a little confused what you mean! I'm free to play any time on Tuesdays. Like, literally any time. Are you hopping on board my hunt for a DM?
I know exactly what u mean Bryan, been doing the same for a while since my campaign with my buddies irl isnt really happening that often. Id be willing to join u on a hunt for a DM or I could DM as well. Not super experienced with straight up 5e, mostly homebrews but I could give it a shot if worse comes to worst.
Leo, if you wanted to take a stab at DMing 5e, I could certainly give you a hand in that regard. Might as well nail down a time and how long you guys want a session to be!
Im good for a start at 14-19 till like midnight or somewhat later, so around 3-5h sessions. Im from croatia(GMT+2) tho so idunno how well that works for u guys.
It's not 5e, but I'm running a Dragon Age game if interested.