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[LFP][PAID DM][D&D 5e] – Waterdeep: Dragon Heist – [8PM CST][Sunday][Weekly]

What you can expect from my games A forgotten realms experience that is filled with official lore and canonical characters from the expected NPCs to the subtly dropped cameos. I then take your backstory’s and thread a fine needle to help intertwine your character in the world by incorporating your choices, life events, family and friends.  I see the module as a base for my creativity as I know the story and plots inside and out it and this give me time to focus on the Characters and NPCs, bringing each encounter and event to life with voiced characters with intent and motive whilst taking the time to allow the characters to find inventive ways engage the encounters. Beyond the module I create a forgotten realms bread crumb system that allows characters the choice to engage with other modules, homebrew content and explore their characters backstory. All this is done with a narrative that we as a group will work together to build. So if you want to keep on rolling them dice, so do I. My dedication is unshifting. I will be there on time, every time, full time, I only stop for brief toilet breaks and to get drinks. If I can’t make it for whatever reason, you will be told at minimum of 24 hours prior and if you don’t play, you don’t pay. But that is literally only if someone is dead or dying, or power outage or a warlock curses me with tongues or a pack of gerblins’ attacks my house. Content… SO MUCH CONTENT!! High Quality Maps, Voiced NPCs, Pro API scripts, Music, Handouts, Art Work, Tokens, Actual Magic Spells (spells may not be magic or actual…. Or even spells). Game Information. Playing the new Waterdeep: Dragon Heist Module. Session Length: 2-4 hours, guaranteed 2.5 hours with a most likely 3.5 hour length. Group size: 4-5 players Campaign Setting: Sword Coast/Forgotten Realms (standard 5e setting) Starting Level: 1 Strictly NO PVP Communication: Voice via Discord. D&D 5e rule set Role-play: Medium/Heavy role-play engagement, first person preferred. Character voices are always welcomed but not a necessity.  Why Pay to Play Here are some very good reasons to pay to play in this game I am a dedicated DM and your payment secures my full dedication to the game, I will never miss a game unless it is absolutely necessary (Holidays, Life Events (birthdays, funerals, etc), unforeseen natural disasters). Committed players. Players who are invested as much as the rest of the group. Having paid to play you are more likely to stick around, be on time and be engaged. Quality preparation. Payment helps give me time to make NPCs, maps, monsters and encounter that come to life and are fully realized. This includes things like music, extended encounter and art work. I spent a lot of time working to make sure I blend the characters into the world and bring the game you want to the table. High quality Roll20 modules, Pro Roll20 Features like API scripts, maps and tokens. You payment also goes towards helping me keep up to date with all the latest goodies on roll20. Payment   This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of $10 USD  per player a session via Paypal at before each game or. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements. Session 0 is a free session. Every session thereafter will require payment 1-2 hours prior to the games start time. Refunds are available or non-payment can be given for missed games or people who opt out during a campaign. Refunds will not be issued for people who simply don’t show up. Check out the listing for more information or to make an application. Game Listing
Still Seeking 4 more Players.