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[LFP][Online][Discord][D&D 5E] West marches style survival homebrew campaign looking for dedicated players. [GMT/EST Playerbase]

Hi all, I am one of several DMs on a community server that is being reset *today* that will be starting again at level 1 in a survival style setting with various homebrew rulings, classes, and mechanics. Session type/scheduling will mainly depend on player agency, and our loot system will mainly revolve around a rebalanced crafting system, allowing people to craft both mundane and magical items at an increased pace. General difficulty is in the Hard-Deadly range, with poor decisions leading to double or higher, so expect to have to play smart (we still allow ridiculous actions and characters, but they tend to die quickly).  We currently have 4 dedicated DMs, with anyone who wants to apply to become one allowed after an introductory session where the other DMs would be present to just evaluate and make sure you understand basic balance and theme of the campaign. (If you have never DMed, its a good way to learn, since this style of campaign doesn't rely on giving specific players specific items or following a story arc).  Anyway, we run on average 2-3 sessions per week, sometimes more, sometimes less. I would say if you can make at least one session per week, and enjoy doing text roleplay in between sessions, you can fit in and keep up with the average progression (people who play every session have an XP cap anyway).  Average party size is 5-6, so don't expect to be in the spotlight all the time, be a courteous player and allow everyone actions when not in combat. Lastly, so far we have a fairly tight knit community of 15 DM/PCs, but don't let that intimidate you, while everyone has their own approaches and playstyle to DND, we tend to get along just fine and everyone laughs in every session we play.  Shoot me a message or post here, and I just in general want to know what your experience is with 5e, roll20 games in general, and what your playstyle is(metagame, not character type. do you powergame, do you enjoy just being silly, etc). No experience is required for this campaign style, so please dont be intimidated, we just have homebrew rules that you will have to learn and use outside of official content.
Hello this definitely sounds interesting and id love to know some more. I some stuff about me is that i usually love difficult games with a real weight to death and a grasp on the actual planning of approach as long as it is real difficulty and not just RNG debuffs and bs like that as they tend to only add frustration in my opinion. I have a few ideas for a character though fitting it into a party and the world would likely be best so i can comfortably roleplay. While i prefer milestone i'm not against exp as long as i'm not playing with a +3 levels above at all times in my party as it really takes the fun out of doing anything but letting him do all the work. I want to play a bit more seriously with maybe occasional jokes but i prefer not to be full joke in player action though i tend to adapt to the party to make people more comfortable. I have 3 years experience with 5e and while there are a few holes there is not too much i dont know about early level gameplay (1-8). I tend to make backstory characters with a lot of stuff too them that i like to develop and grow with goals and morals that affect their decisions though i dont know if there is much room for that in this kinda setup. I'm available everyday but Saturdays and while i'm PST i have a flexible/odd sleep schedule. I have about a year worth of dming though tbh i at least as of the moment want to play since i still am dming If you guys have a discord id love to talk and learn more i also will send my discord pm as well just in case