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Foraging Roll Help

Running ToA. Each day, a character may make a DC 10 survival check. On a success, they find 1d6+WIS mod food, and another 1d6+WIS mod worth of water. I have written the following macro to automate this: [[ {{ [[1d20+@{target|survival_bonus}]],0 }>9 }*([[1d6+@target|wisdom_mod}]]) + 0]] as well as the advantage/disadvantage versions. However, this only give me the first 1d6+WIS mod roll and I don't know how to get it into a form that should say "@{target|character_name} finds X food and Y water!" I need to reuse the success/failure (0 or 1) from the 1d20 roll for both. So how do I do this?
The Aaron
API Scripter
There isn’t a way to do that without the API, a Pro subscriber perk.  The closest you can get at plus or below is playing some math games to get something like 6.07 to mean 6 food and 7 water: [[ {{ [[1d20+@{target|survival_bonus}]],0 }>9 }* ( ([[1d6+@{target|wisdom_mod}]])*100 + [[1d6+@{target|wisdom_mod}]])*1.01]] Food.Water
I figured it might not be possible and went to plan B: Breaking up the rolls so there's one check for each. *I think I fixed it. &{template:npcaction}{{rname=**Foraging Roll**}}{{name=}}{{description= @{selected|character_name} found [[ {{ [[?{Advantage? | Normal,1d20 | Advantage,2d20kh1 | Disadvantage,2d20dh1}+@{selected|survival_bonus}]],0 }>10 }*({[[1d6+@{selected|wisdom_mod}]],1}kh1)]] food and [[ {{ [[?{Advantage? | Normal,1d20 | Advantage,2d20kh1 | Disadvantage,2d20dh1}+@{selected|survival_bonus}]],0 }>10 }*({[[1d6+@{selected|wisdom_mod}]],1}kh1)]] water!}}