I thought I would share my rollable table weight calculator sheet. Its a bit specific for me, but maybe someone finds it helpful or at least a starting point if they been looking to make one. It gives me the values to put as weight for every item I add to it, that I can tweak and see what % chance it ends up being to show up. Which helps a LOT as I use nested tables. It's based on using Aarons  RecursiveTables . (not needed but really nice script and very helpful to me). Link:  Google Doc I have it setup for Pathfinder with all the basic weapons, armors, and 0-1 level potions. Maybe it will be useful as is for low level games for Pathfinder GMs. But its system agnostic, just refill out the items and tweak the cell count it uses for math. The way to read it is as follows: Any Orange text is what it uses to calculate the percent chances.  These can be changed to whatever you want. These are the prices of the items, and I figure out rarity by what it costs in gold. Weight column is the weight value you put into the rollable table for that item. Example: We will use chances of getting a  Club  weapon in the following examples. Main table: This is the RollTable that calls all the other tables. For example there is a 6% chance it rolls the 'Weapons table' to get a weapon. Other tables: Raw Chance:  This is the 'raw' chance to get that item off that table itself, the raw percentage of it rolling it, if that table is called. Loot Chance: This is the actual % of rolling loot and getting that piece of loot specifically. So let's take ' Club ' for example. There is a 6% chance you even get a weapon, and if so 4.79% chance it's a  Club . So: a 6% * 4.79% = 0.29%.  So rolling 1 random item, there is a 0.29% chance that item is a  Club  (and not a spear, or armor, or potion, or Dart..etc) Weapon bonuses and enchantments: ( Same raw and loot logic as above ) It tells you the % chance of if a random loot is rolled, it having that enhancement.  The way I do it is have a blank table entry for 'Nothing' and if weapon is called roll all 3 tables all the time: [Enchantment][Weapon][Bonus] And it spits out like: Club , or Frost Club , or Flaming Club +1 . I run a really slow progress game so my chances for weapon bonus, or enchantment is low. But the tables work the same..Just change the Price into a lower amount to get a chance for each to your liking.