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Saturday night Tomb of Horrors. D&D 4E. Experience players only, extreme challenge.

So I've currently got Saturday evenings free and am looking for something to break up my constant stream of Pathfinder games. Simple concept, I need players who have never run the dungeon and want to try their hands and the legendary Tomb of Horrors. 4th Edtion for 9th level characters, this is an extremely lethal dungeon crawl. Back-up characters will be necessary. Applicants should be familiar with the system, easy to get along with, committed to attending, and ready for a dungeon I have personally tuned to be as deadly as possible, while still being just fair enough to be beatable. Game should take 6-8 sessions. Start time would probably be 7PM EST. Skype with mic is mandatory. Contact me on Skype, my name is Askren- if you're interested.
Bump to specify, if I can get a group together for this, the time may end up later than 7PM. Accounting for new jobs and whatnot.
Bumping. Minimum 4 players needed, and still have plenty of room for interested parties.

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Saturday at 7pm EST? I'm game!
I'll play to but there are a lot of Askren on Skype which one are you?
The one with the same avatar as I have here. Also, still just fishing for interest, because I haven't spoken to anyone specifically, and I do intend to vet everyone who wants to play. If I had a dollar for every time people tried to join a game, and then either didn't have a mic, or wasn't comfortable talking, or couldn't make sessions, or didn't know how to play, I would be a rich man.
they don't show the avatar before you add them. Also I don't think the problems you listed will be much of a bother for me.
Is it Askren with the dash? Askren - ?
Bump, I guess?

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I'm down. I tried adding you on Skype a few weeks back from when you made your original recruitment thread for this. I'm still sticking with my sorcerer-king pact warlock. I'm in the Pacific time zone and if you're considering starting at a later time, that would be great!