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[LFP] GMT +1 - Waterdeep

So - I bought the campaign for 1st to 5th level characters about Waterdeep and I'm eager to make it my first roll 20 campaign that I can run as DM (with a little extra stuff for zazz :D). So, if you are: 1) Free on Sundays from 6-7pm to 10-11pm. 2) Willing to give a new DM a go. 3) Speak fluent English and have a working, good condition microphone. Then drop me a mail! :) ps. Please note there will be almost NO homebrew allowed. (But there will be a few things available to everyone) :)
Alex Winters
Marketplace Creator
I'd be down for playing! I'm UK based so the time works fine for me, and i've been looking to get into a 5E game as a player since at the moment the only campaign im involved in is as a DM. I'd be happy to roll whatever, although personally i've only got the original 5e core texts so any race/class options from xanathars/mordekainens, etc would be new to me!
Thats fine, drop me your discord :)
I am eager to join, and the time suits me perfectly. I got several ideas for characters that I want to play, a working microphone, and discord. I am well versed in dungeons and dragons, and playing both on roll20 and fantasy grounds. If you want more information, a chat, or whatnot, then I am pleased to grant you that. Thanks :-)
If you still have room i'd be up for it, pretty flexible for roles and eager to try different classes. Drop me a message if you're interested, im on discord if thats easier to talk on

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I'm a veteran roll 20 d&d player. Really want to try a narrative based adventure, with more non-conbat roleplay. It's really fun and interesting. Interested but not familiar with waterdeep and most of the larger d&d lore at all so would be playing someone who is completely ignorant and foreign or just doesn't pay attention to the world he lives in and might provide a good exercise in gradually exposing the narrative through skilled dm'ing to a complete nonce :P wouldn't mind going on your discord and saying hello