Hello everyone, There’s been an important discussion over the last 24 hours about the way Roll20’s subreddit is moderated. When Roll20 started, we founded a subreddit because we were Reddit users ourselves and wanted to grow a community there. Now that the subreddit has become well-established, we’ve been listening, we’ve heard your opinions on this issue and as a result we are taking immediate action to change the way our subreddit is moderated. We understand that we let our community down, and we’re sorry for that. We asked the mods from a different subreddit (/r/lfg) to step in and become the new moderators of /r/Roll20. We are leaving it up to them to decide the rules of the subreddit going forward, and have removed all Roll20 staff from that subreddit. In addition, the 13 users previously banned from /r/Roll20 have been unbanned.